MacOS High Sierra: Everything You Need To Know

MacOS High Sierra: Everything You Need To Know

MacOS High Sierra: Everything You Need To Know

In my tests it worked as well as it did on stage: I duplicated a couple of large video files around 10GB in size to the same folder with Sierra, then did the same in High Sierra.

Apple's WorldWide Developers Conference 2017 is going on and we have a series of updates from this event. This sort of improvising won't have to happen on macOS High Sierra, but there is still the issue of graphical power to handle VR. The new system compresses video up to 40 per cent more the H.264, and it will stream video smoother, which will make the video-binging experience much more enjoyable on a Mac.

No more annoying noisy videos.Jeff Gross /Getty ImagesAutoplay videos are one of the banes of the modern web. The idea is to give Mac owners who've always wanted and needed a bit more horsepower the extra juice required to work on graphically intensive VR and 3D applications and games. It must be noted that the new macOS 10.13 update is available for developers and public beta testers only, and hence there are no manual download links available.

To understand how Intelligent Tracking Prevention works, you first need to know how all those ads follow you around the internet in the first place. Amazon will love that one.

The default file system will be the Apple File System (APFS) which was announced previous year. Apple demoed a bunch of videos being duplicated in Sierra. The operation took 14.41 seconds in Sierra and 2.32 seconds in High Sierra. Instant. Seriously - you literally select the files, click Duplicate and before your mouse has moved back to its starting position, they'll be done.

High Sierra hits this fall for free and with it, according to Apple, the iMac becomes a "great platform for virtual reality content creation".

Apple Live Photos can now be edited with fun effects and Memories curates user photos and videos around several new topics.

Apple was also keen to emphasize the editing tools that it has built into Photos, with a new feature called Curves particularly strongly pushed. A new Split View enables the user to multitask easily by minimizing the email composing space thereby making space to open other apps.

With the upcoming releases of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra later this year, Apple is planning to force many users to adopt two-factor authentication for their accounts. So how do you get involved? That means smaller file size but same visual quality.

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