May, Corbyn clash over Brexit plans with UK vote a week away

In a hectic campaign which was suspended after the Manchester bombing last week, pollsters, who universally got it wrong before the last vote in 2015, have offered a vast range for the result of the election: From May losing her majority to a landslide victory for her Conservatives of more than 100 seats.

"They need to help people. I trust Corbyn to do that more", said McDonagh, whose social welfare payments have been capped by the ruling Conservatives.

Prime Minister Theresa May will take on her rival, Labour's Jeremy Corbyn, in the June 8 election, a vote that could set the tone for Brexit negotiations with the European Union. The lead has shrunk from 20 points earlier in the campaign.

It had backed the Conservatives in 2010 and last backed the main opposition Labour Party in 2005, when it was led by Tony Blair.

Culture Secretary Karen Bradley said: "Corbyn has confirmed he'll appoint a Marxist as Chancellor, a Home Secretary who wants to scrap MI5, and a Foreign Secretary who mocks the English flag".

"I think we need to bring people on board and together".

He said the Tories are "weak and wobbly" and can not be believed after the PM's U-turn on her controversial social care reforms and her failure to set out how many pensioners stand to lose their winter fuel payments - policies that have been widely credited as a factor in the narrowing of the polls. That is why I will be campaigning in all corners of this country in the week ahead.

"The truth is out: Jeremy Corbyn will invite the other parties to prop him up as Prime Minister if there is a hung parliament on June 9".

"It also seems as if he could increase Labour support at Westminster".

Labour has not pledged to reduce migrant numbers, but has said it will put in place a new system based on the UK's economic needs. Alongside this, older people face the additional uncertainty of not knowing who will be eligible for a Winter Fuel Payment.

In a normal election, about 10% of voters are likely to change their vote at this stage before the election, the source says.

Mr Gwynne added: "I think what we've seen is they have now ditched the mantra strong and stable, she is weak and wobbly, she won't debate head to head with Jeremy Corbyn - this is an election she called and she's tried to hide away from the public and from scrutiny". "That issue is not in doubt", he said. "It is the worst of all deals".

The news and business weekly said it had faced a "dismal choice", but opted for the Lib Dems, who now only have nine MPs, because it best represented the publication's free market and pro-European Union values.

"I don't think Jeremy Corbyn needs my advice, I think he's doing quite well, nor do I think the people of the United Kingdom need my advice on who to vote for". It's going to happen.

We thought we knew what to expect in this general election campaign.

The PM said she made no excuses for the woman's treatment and would make mental health a priority.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday (1 May) insisted that negative reports about her talks with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker are just "Brussels gossip", after a German newspaper released a damning appraisal of their meeting.

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