Qatar diplomatic crisis: Recep Erdogan ratifies troop deployment to Gulf nation

Qatar diplomatic crisis: Recep Erdogan ratifies troop deployment to Gulf nation

Qatar diplomatic crisis: Recep Erdogan ratifies troop deployment to Gulf nation

Kamal Alam, a visiting fellow at diplomatic and defence think-tank RUSI, told Middle East Eye that a prolonged crisis in the Gulf could see Turkish military power in Qatar grow. Qatar vehemently denies giving such support.

Al-Jazeera tweeted that it was "under cyber attack on all systems, websites & social media platforms", and a source said it was trying to repel the hack.

"The Saudis' main objection to the Brothers isn't their radicalism - Riyadh happily supports far worse in many countries - but their populism and perceived threat to the royal pretensions of the House of al-Saud", he stated.

Airlines from the UAE, Saudi and Bahrain have suspended all flights to Doha, and Qatar Airways has also stopped operating flights to all the three GCC states.

Kuwait's Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah was met planeside by Qatar's emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, when he arrived on Wednesday night. We are a platform for peace not terrorism.

It was released hours after Sheikh Mohammed said Doha would not "surrender" and rejected interference in its foreign policy.

Tillerson told reporters at the State Department that the crisis, which has cut transportation links and trade, had begun to hurt ordinary people in Qatar, impaired business dealings and harmed the US battle against the Islamic State militant group.

In the interview, Al Thani confirmed the Federal Bureau of Investigation is helping Qatar investigate a hack of its state-run news agency last month that may have been a catalyst for the crisis.

Sheikh Mohammed said Qatar had never before experienced such hostility.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis called Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Wednesday, a day after he spoke to his Qatari counterpart via phone and praised Qatar's "enduring commitment to regional security".

At a news conference earlier, he called the actions by the Gulf states "a clear breach of global law".

BBC diplomatic correspondent James Robbins says Russia's intervention could complicate existing efforts to defuse the situation.

Analysts expect prices of food and other essential items, a bulk of which were imported into the country through Saudi borders, would escalate with the closure of borders and ban on land, sea and air cargos from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

"If the rupture is prolonged and alternative trade routes emerge, this could cause exporters, particularly in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, to also be adversely impacted".

Foreigners residing in Qatar and in possession of a Qatari residence visa would also not be eligible for visa on arrival in the UAE, Etihad spokesman said in an email.

UAE-based newspaper Gulf News and pan-Arab channel Al-Arabiya reported the crackdown on expressions of sympathy with Qatar.

He said Qatar needs to shut down or limit its Al-Jazeera news network, as well as stopping funding extremist groups and others.

Qatar hosts the Al-Udeid military base, the largest United States airbase in the Middle East. "Qatar remains critical for coalition air operations in the fight against ISIS and around the region".

U.S. President Donald Trump sent mixed messages on the issue on June 6.

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