Rookie cop stabbed while trying to fight off London terrorists

Rookie cop stabbed while trying to fight off London terrorists

Rookie cop stabbed while trying to fight off London terrorists

"At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is "no reason to be alarmed!"

Sky News is reporting the raided address was linked to one of the attackers killed by police, implying that police know the identity of at least one of the attackers.

"I don't think that a major terrorist attack like this is the time to be divisive and to criticize a mayor who's trying to organize his city's response to this attack", Gore, a Democrat, said. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Hours after the attack the area remained sealed off.

Vowls also saw people pelting the attackers, and said he joined in himself.

Trump tweeted Saturday after the attack. The proximity of the attacks and the timing seem to suggest they were coordinated, but police have not confirmed that.

Witness Mark Roberts said he said saw a van speeding across London Bridge towards London Bridge underground station, which suddenly swerved, bounced off the pavement and hit several pedestrians. Except then you remember he's not just the American President but that sadly, one who so many people look up to him (and even take his alternative facts as their gospel truth).

"It was horrendous", he said.

"I told people to turn around and run away". Shortly after, three attackers emerged and began stabbing people in Borough Market.

"It is mind blowing that someone could go around killing innocent people".

"Around the corner there was a guy with a stab wound on his neck".

The 23-year-old was left with a seven-inch wound from his stomach to his back, and was saved by a friend who applied a tourniquet and took him downstairs in a pub. "They put pressure on the stab wound". "When I open the door I see three dead people on the floor", he said.

Similar attacks, in Berlin, Nice, Brussels and Paris, have been carried out by militants over the past couple of years.

"The recent attacks are not connected but we believe we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we face", she said after chairing a meeting of the government's emergency Cobra committee.

Meanwhile, one of the mayor's spokesmen said on Sunday in response to Trump's tweets that Khan had "more important things to do" in terms of overseeing the city's response and recovery. "It was a rampage really", he said, adding that he heard a shout of: "This is for Allah".

"Officers from the Met's Counter Terrorism Command have this morning. arrested 12 people in Barking, East London, in connection with last night's incidents in London Bridge and the Borough Market area", London's Metropolitan Police Service said in a statement.

The vehicle and knife attack killed seven people in a busy section of London late Saturday and wounded about 50 people.

"You will also see increased physical measures in order to keep the public safe on London's bridges", Asst.

"Now the area is completely closed with police cars going one way and ambulances going the other", he told Reuters.

As emergency services rushed to respond, reports came in of multiple stabbings at Borough Market, which was teeming with people on a Saturday night.

At the Southwark Tavern, he saw the men stab a bouncer.

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