The pursuer of butterflies

The pursuer of butterflies

The pursuer of butterflies

Summer is a bad thing for this hobby of mine. The experts "identifiers" go on vacation while we, excited photographers, we despair every time we upload an image. Days go by, weeks ... you often wonder if it's worth waiting so long for an answer to come.

Finally, after this brief philosophical thought, here's the last thing I've achieved.

Arctiidae. I already had it, but with the wings closed, so you have to put it obligatorily so that it looks good its beauty.

Dragonfly of the Family Aeshnidae Cerambycidae without confirming, but I already confirm it to me because it is easy. A horsefly.

Artiidae. It fluttered desperately against the windowpane trying to find the exit.

I caught her and released her in a locked room. Photos and the street.

A hymenopter I have placed in the folder "apiformes" and that will remain without a fixed name because there are no experts. A bug of the family Pentatomidae without confirming but I think that I have put the name well. I found the name of this hymenopteran, but I lack the surname and I believe that it will remain forever. This is the zigzag with the later flight time. Also unconfirmed and I also confirm it because it is easy. A fly of the family Lauxaniidae. There are hardly any images on the internet. Confirmed on Another unconfirmed fly, but almost certainly I have hit. From before he could not differentiate Gonepteryx rhamni from cleopatra. At least I got it right. A longicorn beetle (Cerambycidae) Tephritidae family flies on a thistle (Cirsium vulgare)

Chrysomelidae beetle unconfirmed, but I am sure.
Fly of the family Opomyzidae confirmed in Light traps provided the following images:

Jodis lactearia (Geometridae)

Spilosoma lubricipeda (Arctiidae)

Agrotis ipsilon (Noctuidae)

A spider of the family Araneidae

A gleaming hymenopteran of the Chrysididae family.

the Conocephalidae family. I have identified him but I am not sure with the species.

Snowy tern on the beach of Noja. The one on the right will be a juvenile?

And a few plants plants:


Yellow thistle (Compositae).

That's it. We will wait in the meantime for the holiday period.

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