Walmart reportedly won't bid for Whole Foods after Amazon's huge offer

Walmart reportedly won't bid for Whole Foods after Amazon's huge offer

Walmart reportedly won't bid for Whole Foods after Amazon's huge offer

Amazon, meanwhile, has been expanding its reach in goods, services, entertainment - and groceries. Are they exaggerating? What are the possible consequences for traditional food retailers? "This may be a sweet deal for Jeff Bezos and Amazon investors, but it's truly a rotten deal for American workers and consumers". You can not succeed with a "pure play" online model.

Lots of shoppers like stores, and lots of merchandise categories benefit from a physical presence: You want to try out the clothes you buy, or you want to compare the iPad's keyboard to Microsoft Surface's.

"They (Amazon) already have our gift boxes".

Just two years ago, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey predicted disaster for Amazon's foray into grocery delivery, telling Bloomberg BusinessWeek it would be "Amazon's Waterloo". This may partially solve its costly "last mile", even beyond its food sales. The same is true of its cloud-computing power, which supports not just Amazon's own business but legions of other firms.

The world of grocery retailing was delivered quite a surprise on Friday 16 June by Amazon, to some an empowering force for consumer good, to some a wrecking ball.

Amazon is also known for being disruptive by nature, across varied markets.

Thus far, the lack of an effective integrated (online and offline) retail strategy has not impacted Costco, and its loyal customers continue to visit its stores for their bulk purchases.

Integrating Whole Foods will also allow Amazon Media Group - which sells Amazon's display advertising - to now sell both online and offline. In that sense, the acquisition is very similar to its previous purchases, like and (household and care products). Fresh and prepared foods are the challenge.

Warner sees Amazon's Whole Foods deal as the first of many mergers for grocers as they grapple with this shake-up. It has an overabundance in funds.

Whole Foods' website said it only sells products "that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats".

Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union President Stuart Appelbaum said that Amazon's latest activity pits them against Wal-Mart in a battle to destroy labor rights.

Innovation penetrates most industries from the outside, like Google and Tesla's impact in the automotive industry. Remember when IBM was the dominant company in the computer market? Busy people could walk in on their lunch break, pick up what they want and walk out without having to wait in a checkout line.

Amazon's wide-ranging data collection and sophisticated analysis helps it set prices and decide what offers to present to different customers. Amazon has been in the "grocery" space since 1999 and only recently looked to establish physical locations. However, Walmart is the only retailer that actually could have a legitimate shot of buying Whole Foods.

Streaming NFL games - regularly the most-watched events on USA television - is the latest move by Amazon to get customers to its website, in the hope they will subscribe to Prime and spend more online. More selection, lower prices and delivery accuracy will be the pillars on which to build a successful acquisition. However, the revelation that Walmart had bought fashion retailer Bonobos barely even made headlines...

He warned that Amazon already exerts risky influence "over America's markets for books and music, and is fast consolidating control over other key flows of information and ideas". Undoubtedly, Amazon is serving notice to Canada's food distribution establishment. While the company is now experimenting with the way it displays ads and its impact on customer experience, the analyst believes that advertising is likely to remain a potential revenue driver going forward. Should Ahold Delhaize start to worry?

"The growth of the Neighborhood Market is the biggest risk for traditional supermarkets, including Whole Foods", he wrote.

Last week, the investing world was rocked when it was announced that Amazon was buying Whole Foods.

Yet Amazon is in hypergrowth drive, one that's upending established industries and sparking community and job displacement.

There are plenty of reasons why the deal wouldn't work, too.

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