Warning to parents: Snapchat now shares your child's exact locat

Warning to parents: Snapchat now shares your child's exact locat

Warning to parents: Snapchat now shares your child's exact locat

The new update will now permit Snapchatters from around the world over to find their companions with no sweat.

Tracked by Snapchat, a new feature on the social media site puts you on a map for friends to find. For example, if they're in a vehicle, you might see an Actionmoji of your friend driving.

When a user opens Snapchat, they can choose share location feature, either with all or a select number of friends.

The update was rolled out yesterday (June 22, 2017), but people are already wary about Snap Inc.'s latest offering.

That's why people are urging others to turn "ghost" mode on.

But it is also a bit sketchy. Once you use the Snapchat app, you'll have a choice whether to share your location with friends or be in ghost mode. But, it's the people you don't actually know who you are sharing your location with without realizing it that has some people anxious. Nobody needs to know what street I'm on at all times, let alone a stranger.

Users can also decide between sharing their location with all their friends or just a few friends.

"It's easy to get started - just pinch to zoom out and view the Map!" The "Our Story" enables you to submit your Snapchat Story posts to be seen by the non-friends for about 24 hours. The more red a location is, the more Snaps there are coming from that spot.

There is a massive potential for this new feature the to shift our behavior on social platforms, grow foot traffic in local businesses, and create new revenue streams for Snapchat. It acquired Placed earlier this month to help it track whether ads are driving people to physical stores.

If your kids use Snapchat, you might want to ask them if they are using a new feature. To change who can see you on the map, tap on the settings icon on the upper right side of the Map screen. Zenly allowed users to locate on maps where their friends were.

This will place a little ghost over your bitmoji's face and only you can see this.

Only you are able to see that version of your bitmoji.

There are ways to control who can (and can't) see you on Snap Map.

You do not have to share your location because you are using the app or because the rest of your friends on Snapchat are sharing their location. But due to public backlash, Facebook tweaked it to remove accurate location sharing; now the feature displays nearby friends in form of distance (Km).

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