Warriors' Green stays in Game 4 after technical foul fiasco

Warriors' Green stays in Game 4 after technical foul fiasco

Warriors' Green stays in Game 4 after technical foul fiasco

The NBA is enjoying a great finals, now down 3-1 after the Cavaliers' win on Friday (Saturday, Manila time), and the last thing the league needs is people questioning the integrity of its officials.

Draymond Green was at it again last night. That led to a Game 5 suspension for Green, the Warriors lost on their home floor and ultimately lost their grip on a second straight Lawrence O'Brien Trophy. We got a golden opportunity going home on Monday to close one out.

This is the way Green approaches the game. "It's just the next game in line".

"Everything I say, I know what I'm saying".

"The intensity level rises".

After leading the team in assists in the regular season and also entering The Finals, Green has fallen to third in that category.

Circumstances are looking eerily similar right about now. "We want to win four games".

In a video posted by Travis Walton, the Warriors power forward is seen working out at the team's practice facility in Oakland.

A Willowick ice cream shop is using its sign out front to troll Warriors star player Draymond Green.

"I've won one on the road". I'm the emotional leader of this team.

What happened on Friday is best described as shady, just like Dikembe Mutombo prematurely congratulating the 76ers on the first overall pick in the 2016 National Basketball Association draft, or the Knicks winning the '85 lottery. But the officials on hand claim Green's first T was intended for head coach Steve Kerr. The table informed us that it was his second technical foul and ejected [Green].

"I'm sure it will come", Green said.

"Absolutely not", Green responded. When I say something, I've already thought about what I was going to say.

"I talked to my dad, my grandmother, every person I saw walking down the street, my mom, Everybody's like, 'Keep your cool".

"Nah, I really don't pay much attention to anyone in Cleveland, honestly", Green said. "So then I thought the second one Draymond was going to get kicked out, but they explained that the first one was on me".

"They boo me and thought I had a tech I didn't have, so that wasn't sharp". After calling out the refs for losing control of the game, Mary retweeted someone who said Game 4 was "absolutely rigged for money".

"You guys win one game and want to start talking insane", Green said to no one in particular on his walk out of the arena. "Because you know once your crowd gets into the game it kind of motivates the guys into a different direction and peps them up a bit".

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