Wife: Man who shot congressman wanted to work on tax policy

The team was practicing for Thursday's charity game against the Democratic Congressional baseball team at Nationals Park, an annual tradition dating back to 1909.

Hodgkinson shot House Rep.

Rep. Steve Scalise is still in critical condition, but his health is improving, the Congressman's surgeon said two days after Scalise was shot at a practice for the Congressional Baseball Game. James Hodgkinson, who was 66, died of gunshot wounds suffered in a shootout with police.

Officials said Hodgkinson has been identified as the man who opened fire on Republican lawm.

The FBI is still investigating the case and is looking through Hodgkinson's belongings, including his cellphone, computer and camera. She did not want to discuss her husband's politics.

"He was going to see about getting a job with Bernie Sanders because he politicked for him when he was running for office", Kaiser said. "I'm glad they took care that he didn't get to do it again", Schaumleffel said.

Hodgkinson said repeatedly that she saw no signs her husband was planning violence. And she said she had no idea what exactly he was doing while he was gone. "We salute them, and we also salute members of Alexandria Police, Fire and Rescue", Trump said. He had access to the facility through Wednesday and arrived less than two hours before the shooting, the YMCA said. One was Joe Theismann's Restaurant, where staffers said one waitress recalled seeing Hodgkinson. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) determined both were purchased legally, the FBI said Thursday. A congressional staffer, Zach Barth, was shot in the leg; he was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon, the Post reports. I spoke to one person who lives in the area, Marilyn Blaha, who says she knew him professionally years ago, says her brother was still a friend. Sue Hodgkinson said pleadingly.

Sava said on Friday there were hundreds of bullet fragments in Scalise's body, but "we have no intention to try and remove all the bullet fragments at this point". He always drank Budweiser from a can and drank alone, barely speaking to anyone, including the bartenders.

In that bad crime, the country also witnessed the incredible heroism of the Capitol Police, he said, adding that Special Agent Crystal Griner - who he also met during his visit to the hospital - raced into gunfire, along with Special Agent David Bailey. When asked what she wanted to say to the families of the injured, she said she "didn't know who was shot".

"I know he wasn't happy with the way things were going, the election results and stuff", the shooter's brother told the newspaper.

Sue Hodgkinson asked for privacy for herself, her daughters and her neighbors.

Hodgkinson's social media postings included anti-conservative rants.

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