Chief: No problems with Minneapolis cop's training

Chief: No problems with Minneapolis cop's training

Chief: No problems with Minneapolis cop's training

Justine Damond made two emergency calls in which said she could hear a "distressed" woman calling for help in an alley behind her house in Minneapolis. Her loved ones, including her father, John Ruszczyk, who lives in Sydney, have said they were desperate for information about what happened. "This did not happen".

Transcripts of her 911 calls, made public Wednesday, show that Damond called twice, first summoning officers to her home and then, several minutes later, making sure they had the address right because she could still hear the woman's screams. Damond was living with her American fiance, who was away on business at the time.

Her family has hired Robert Bennett, the attorney who represented the family of Philando Castile, who was fatally shot by a suburban St. Paul police officer previous year.

Noor's partner told state investigators this week that the shooting occurred moments after a loud sound was heard near their squad auto.

Though investigators say it may be months until the case comes to a close, the family wants to know what happened "as soon as possible" so they can have a sense of closure.

All wanted answers from the officer involved and Minneapolis police chief Janee Harteau, but none were forthcoming. "These were the actions and judgments of one individual".

She said she spoke to Ms Damond's grief-stricken fiance on Thursday morning.

"Justine did not have to die", Harteau said.

At a news conference with the mayor and Assistant Police Chief Medaria Arradondo Tuesday, Palmisano said her office is exploring policy changes it can make in response to the shooting.

She said she's concerned about the impact of the shooting on Somali and East African officers and that she's reached out to the Somali community in Minneapolis. Officers are required to activate their cameras in more than a dozen situations, including whenever they use force.

And all the while there was silence from the city's police chief, with her deputy left to take the heat as the face of the city's police department.

He did not give any details about the shooting, however.

Officer Harrity told investigators he heard a loud sound that startled him just before Ms Damond, dressed in her pyjamas and holding a mobile phone, came to his driver's side auto window.

She addressed a KSTP-TV report from the week before the shooting on officer usage of body cameras, saying she doesn't believe officers are recording enough.

Unlike previous police shootings, there is no video evidence of the incident because Mr Noor did not have his body camera on.

"All we want to do is bring Justine home to Australia to farewell her in her hometown among family and friends", it read.

Sebring, who is also a yoga instructor, added while she is dealing with an incredible loss she has compassion for Officer Mohamed Noor and his family.

"The death of Justine should not have happened".

Her fiancé, Don Damond, says the family has been given nearly no additional information.

Damond's family in Australia rubbished the claims.

"She obviously wasn't armed, was not a threat to anyone, and nor could she have reasonably perceived to be", he said.

Damond's death is the third murder by Minnesota police officers in the last two years.

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