India, Israel And Iran: Three's A Crowd?

India, Israel And Iran: Three's A Crowd?

India, Israel And Iran: Three's A Crowd?

Netanyahu referred to Indian talent and Israeli technology as "I-squared and T-squared" during the red carpet welcome and added: "I-squared plus T-squared is the future of our bilateral ties".

During the Cold War, India was a leading member of the Nonaligned Movement of developing countries and sided staunchly with the Palestinians in their conflict with Israel.

The Jewish are one of the smallest ethnic groups in the country.

"This visit will deepen cooperation in a wide range of fields - security, agriculture, water, energy - basically in nearly every field Israel is involved in", Netanyahu told the Israeli cabinet in public remarks.

In Israel, he will also meet President Reuven Ruvi Rivlin and address the CEOs of the two countries as well as the Indian diaspora. No doubt, Israelites will give him a royal welcome.

Economic relations between India and Israel have flourished since the establishment of formal diplomatic ties in 1992.

The Indian prime minister has always been an admirer of Israel's military and technical expertise, and a thriving defense partnership lies at the core of the upswing in bilateral ties. The world is eagerly waiting for their meeting. He went on to say that he is proud of the Jew population living in India. "Now we are taking it to the level of chief executive of the nation", he added. We have never faced any problem or harassment here.

"We receive you with open arms". "We are proud of Jewish sons and daughters of India like Lt". We are Indians first and Jews second. This year, Israel's state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries has announced over $2 billion in contracts to provide air and missile-defense systems to India.

Modi's predecessors were keen not to publicly embrace Israel. Palestinians have argued on forums like the United Nations that Israel controlled more than 61% of the West Bank, driving Palestinians from their land and hindering economic activity.

Describing Israel as an "important development partner", he said, "This is an exciting journey that we will undertake together, for the good of our people and our society", as per PTI. Being his fan, my boss gave me three days off from work.

Massil said he will happily attend Modi's rally for several reasons. During his recent U.S. visit, PM Modi was captured giving a tight hug to President Trump.

The interviewer then wondered whether this might lead to a solution to the problems in the Middle East. Modi laughed and said: "That would be great".

The Congress on Tuesday partially welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Israel, while hoping that it is not being "done not at the expense of India's traditional loyalty and ties to the Palestinians".

He has sought to do that in part by encouraging manufacturers to do business in Asia's third-largest economy.

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