Jon Jones: Perfect inside, shocking outside the octagon

Jon Jones: Perfect inside, shocking outside the octagon

Jon Jones: Perfect inside, shocking outside the octagon

"I became a multi-millionaire when I was 23 years old, and that can do a lot to someone who was never prepared for that type of lifestyle", explained Jones during a pre-fight press conference.

Cormier responded to the comments Jones relayed from Silva and regarded them as meaningless. If those developments are factored in, a sensible date to see a Jones vs. Lesnar card may be after Wrestlemania 34. "I will work, and I will sign your autographs". What is it, 20% of his purse would come to me? "And just two days ago I was trying to trim up my mustache and I cut it way too thin".

Hunt has waged a war on doping since it was revealed Lesnar failed multiple drug tests prior to their bout last July and has filed a civil lawsuit against him and the UFC, accusing them of willfully circumventing the system.

It makes sense to pick Jones in the rematch. Jones defeated five former world champions in a row during his four-year run as titleholder, and a vigorous debate had started as to whether he was already the greatest mixed martial arts fighter in history when he got sidetracked. "So I need this high-level competitor to retire and know I was a bad mama jama in my day".

"It's been great to take a step back and to re-evaluate things and prioritize, and to realize how much this sport means to me, how much this position means to me". He's amusing, he has good friends and sh-t, I mean, he's a f-kin' good dude. I definitely wouldn't try to wrestle with him the whole time.

"At the beginning of my career, it took me a while to catch on and figure out what kind of fighter I am", admitted Evinger, who began competing in 2006 and struggled through a rough patch in the middle of her career before embarking on her current unbeaten streak. When people ask Daniel what he thinks about me inside the Octagon, he has (expletive) to say about me.

Jones has only himself to blame for that.

WWE commentating legend Jim Ross has predicted that Brock Lesnar will return to the UFC amid recent talk of a potential superfight with Jon Jones.

"I do, 100%. Physically, there were some differences, but also, logically, there were differences".

Those instances - the DWI charge, the positive cocaine test, the hit-and-run - all took a toll on Jones' character as a person.

That's just the most troubling incident on his list of transgressions.

Even though Jones dominated Cormier in their first fight and earned a win by unanimous, it would be a folly for him to look past this Saturday's rematch. However, Jones gave much better than he got and wore Cormier down for an easy decision. "He may be confident, but in those eyes, I see more doubt than I have ever seen, and I believe there are a number of reasons for that".

"I couldn't really care less if everyone calls him and tells him how he should beat me or how they felt when they were in the octagon with me", DC concluded.

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