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-Let me ask you some questions to discover my thoughts better: a brother, because of his quality of being, is someone's brother or not?

The memory of correction, and in his thought was fixed as a supreme anguish the possibility that that black that invaded the soil ...

Once penetrated this thought should be shown lover of all beautiful bodies And stripped, as from a despised fute, of all passion that was found in one.

Isolated from the world and all strange impression, with no other end and another thought to see us to see our love again I ascend, I will not say supernaturally, but with the passion in which our courtship should have burned us, if we had succeeded in the other life.

We would go out and return dumb, because I knew well that what he could say to me did not respond to his thinking, and he was sure that I would answer anything, to avoid looking at it.

His deepest sorrow caused him to think, saying: "You can say goodbye, half lame, half lame, half blind and half paralyzed of all your taste and recreation."

"That is what you need, and so it will not happen what could happen, that is not that of the Spurs neither limp nor sad, and less about you, who are for him the wings of his heart and the joy of Your thinking.

And when he told her what had come up from his heart to his mouth, there was a moment when he thought he was victorious, because when he heard Clotilde had changed his countenance, and his eyes had filled with sweet and intense light; but that lasted for only a second, and that evening he had, like so many others, that to return to Malaga full of shadows, the heart and shadows of thought.

And more clearly will he who examines every thing by thinking without trying to facilitate his meditation with his eyes or to support his reasoning by resorting to another bodily sense; who, through the use of thought without any mixture, tries to find the pure and true essence of things without the ministry of the eyes or the ear, and separated, as it were, from the whole body, which does nothing but disturb the soul and prevent it find the truth as soon as he has the slightest connection with him.

Fernandito, no doubt, improved physically; His body, adolescent already, was strengthened; but he continued to give the same pitiful spectacle of an absent thought, of a dead will, of a numbed conscience, of a spirit.

Emilia Pardo Bazan

In spite of all these horrors, and in view of the fact that she had played the tute in the rogue Casino del Principe, the pilgrim idea of ​​naming him Count of my house and hacienda, quickly dissociated by the successive death of the three last possessors (my father and my brothers Alfonso and Enrique), and very decayed and ruined as a result of these same ones Frequent owner changes. Providence certainly inspired me.

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