Apple to Hold iPhone Launch Event on September 12

Apple to Hold iPhone Launch Event on September 12

Apple to Hold iPhone Launch Event on September 12

As per recent NY report, Apple iPhone 8 will have the top model at $999, although it is still unclear if it is the highest storage model or the starting one.

Apple has set its annual iPhone event for September 12, as reported by The Wall Street Journal and rumored previously.

CUPERTINO Apple has reportedly scheduled a product launch event for September 12, kick-starting a countdown to when the company plans to announce its much-anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone.

Here are some reasons why, according to the latest rumors.

Applying the Edition branding to an ultra-premium iPhone product during this coming product cycle makes sense, but I don't think Apple would want such an iPhone Edition to be a one-off product. Assuming it's legit, there won't be a physical Home button. Some critics predict that Apple would retire its Touch ID technology from iPhone 8 and instead It features an advanced technology of facial recognition which is more powerful than finger print scanner.

Welcome to the future.

The iPhone 8 will not only boast some impressive new features but will also have an impressive price. Gurman also believes the software will be powered by a new dedicated 3D sensor.

Leaked images from Apple's supply chain in Asia, discovered by Benjamin Gesik, show two other purported iPhone 8 components, including the OLED screen, and the motherboard. No more borders that take up space. The publication agrees with eWeek's report that the tech company will be unveiling three smartphones during the event and has, in fact, named the other two mobile phones as iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. The legal version of this piece can be read at But the feature requires an optional accessory that must be purchased separately, according to Kuo. Price wise, The New York Times recently published a report indicating that the entry-level iPhone 8 will start at $999, easily making it the most expensive iPhone model ever released.

In terms of camera, the iPhone 8 will most likely improve upon last year's iPhone 7 offering. Although the iPhone 8 could have a smaller, lower-resolution screen, it could have a faster processor.

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