Uber Finally Has a New CEO After Months of Drama

Uber Finally Has a New CEO After Months of Drama

Uber Finally Has a New CEO After Months of Drama

The New York Times is reporting that Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has accepted the job as Uber's CEO, taking the place of Travis Kalanick who was removed last month after a long series of scandals and ethical concerns.

However, representatives for Uber didn't return requests for comment and an Expedia spokeswoman declined to comment, said the report.

He will replace ousted CEO Travis Kalanick and faces the hard task of changing Uber's culture that has included sexual harassment and allegations of deceit and corporate espionage. On Sunday, Immelt posted on Twitter that he decided "not to pursue a leadership position at Uber" without elaborating on why.

Uber's board has been meeting daily and was deliberating on its pick for a new leader over the weekend. Khosrowshahi's background - he is an Iranian-American, who moved to the United States as a child - bodes well for cultural sensitivity.

He was at the helm of Expedia when it was spun out of IAC 12 years ago.

An Uber spokesperson revealed that finally the executive board has chose to offer someone the CEO role.

Khosrowshahi will face a number of hurdles as Uber-which has raised more than $15 billion from private investors-navigates its way toward a still-unscheduled initial public offering.

Reports of Dara Khosrowshahi's appointment ends weeks of speculation over who will lead the troubled ride-hailing startup.

Expedia was one of the first tech companies to challenge President Trump's travel ban in court, citing the potential harm to its employees and customers. He led Expedia through a string of acquisitions since 2014, buying Airbnb rival HomeAway Inc for $3.9 billion, Orbitz Worldwide Inc for $1.3 billion and Travelocity for $280 million, cobbling together an online travel empire.

Mr. Khosrowshahi studied engineering at Brown University but switched to finance when he moved to NY. In addition to the ongoing fallout from two internal investigations into sexual harassment and discrimination and Uber's workplace culture that launched earlier this year, Uber is facing a blockbuster trade secrets lawsuit from Google's self-driving arm Waymo that will go to trial in October.

Uber has also faced an executive exodus this year.

Reuters noted that among Khosrowshahi's first tasks at Uber would be filling a slew of executive vacancies, including those of Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel.

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