150 miles of range for $30875 — Nissan Leaf

150 miles of range for $30875 — Nissan Leaf

150 miles of range for $30875 — Nissan Leaf

Beyond the under bonnet tweaks, Nissan has given the new Leaf a solid makeover in the looks department; the new model spots much sharper lines than its predecessor and opts for a more angular aesthetic over the more rounded design of the older auto. When we had asked the former head of Nissan in India about his thoughts on the leaf for India he said, "We will use Nissan Leaf to understand the market but I don't think it's the ultimate solution for India".

The design was one rather divisive aspect of the outgoing model. The model is slated for deliveries in January in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Nissan's electric line-up, which is also likely to include a saloon, will not be called "Leaf" in the manner of, for example, VW's ID electric-only brand.

Next up is ProPilot Park which serves as the Leaf's automatic parking function. Here's a rundown of what's coming. The Tesla Model3 runs around 220 miles on a single charge with starting price of 35000.

After more than enough teasers and leaks Nissan has finally unveiled the all-new 2018 Nissan LEAF electric hatch. It generates 150 PS with 320 Nm of torque and is powered by a 40 kWh li-ion battery. The Model X crossover sold an estimated 1,700 units in August.

This puts the new Leaf into a category of its own, sort of a "mid-range EV" from, say, 130 to 200 miles: higher than the 60-to-125-mile crowd, but lower than the Chevy Bolt EV and all Teslas.

More important than performance, however, is the claimed range and this has been improved quite substantially. Nissan claims that this will help improve the stability of the vehicle at higher speeds.

To improve handling engineers moved the heaviest components, like the battery pack, in the middle of the vehicle and stiffened up the suspension by 10 percent.

The 2018 Leaf has also undergone a radical design overhaul with a flat, sharper nose and a more streamlined rear to aid fuel efficiency. It gets a redesigned driver information display.

The cabin space is spacious and comes with a 7-inch touch screen infotainment system, which allows the driver to easily operate audio and navigation systems and connect to smartphones intuitively with just a fingertip.

Whereas some reports indicate that the next-generation Nissan Leaf will surface at the Indian Auto Expo next year.

The Leaf will come with the Nissan ProPilot autonomous driving suite, which can navigate the vehicle in a single-lane and in stop-and-go traffic. The latter makes driving using just one pedal a reality and despite Nissan's claims of being "revolutionary", nearly all EVs have it. Also included is an e-Pedal, allowing drivers to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop simply by the way they press the accelerator pedal. When the accelerator is fully released, regenerative and friction brakes are applied automatically, bringing the vehicle to a complete stop. As with most electric cars the Leaf if capable of slowing, and even stopping, without the driver having to touch the brake pedal.

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