Alternative to traditional lawn in & quot; Planting Design for Dry Gardens & quot; by Olivier Filippi

Alternative to traditional lawn in & quot; Planting Design for Dry Gardens & quot; by Olivier Filippi

Alternative to traditional lawn in & quot; Planting Design for Dry Gardens & quot; by Olivier Filippi

Alternatives to traditional lawns in Olivier Filippi's "Planting Design for Dry Gardens"

Vegetable roofs for terraces that do not give up beauty nor to sustainability.

Olivier Filippi's second book Olivier Filippi was published in 2011 under the title Alternatives

au Gazon .

The book I discussed today, in English, went on sale a year ago (January 2016) and is currently not available in Spanish. I hope to translate, as happened in his day with his first book Garden without irrigation, a book that has become the "bible" of many professionals and amateurs to design gardens, with a clear purpose to face the drought and follow the line of sustainable gardening.

New concept of "lawn"

The essence of the book is to demonstrate that the word lawn does not always have to refer to the traditional lawn , that is to say, grasses formed by small grass and bushy grass species of grasses of the genus Secale (rye) within the family Poaceae .
As an alternative, it shows that there are numerous annual and perennial species that can constitute excellent vegetation cover, regardless of height or morphology. For its selection, it has been inspired by wild plant communities in Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

This new concept of "lawn" adds a broader view of what we usually understand by "plant cover ". Its author, Olivier Filippi, is already a recognized visionary in the practice of the design of dry garden or, what is the same, gardens with low water requirements, where the flowers are not missing, but they are not indispensable for the design of that garden makes sense.

In the book we will find valuable proposals for different models as far as soil cover is concerned, from green carpets in areas of much traffic, through which you can walk, to shrubs to cover those areas that are less frequented . To provide interest throughout the year we will see interesting proposals for gravel garden pavements.

The Mediterranean plants as protagonists will encourage more than one, because we know that we have all livestock.

Trifolium pratense
Trifolium pratense". Trébol de prado Trébol rojo Trébol de los prados Trébol de media luna

10 approaches and 4 sections

The book makes a a journey in which ten different approaches are explored that pass through herbs resistant to drought for warm climates; flowery meadows of flowers; and areas of steppe or gravel where plants create colorful mounds that change as seasons pass.

The book is structured in 4 sections

In the first section tells us about how to manage space with plant covers, both in gardens and public spaces.

In the third section we present the advantages and practicalities of the grass that have been tested by Olivier Filippi . a ground cover garden.

The last section offers a valuable directory with over 200 plants recommended for soil coverings, sorted from A to Z. < / p>

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