Bio Project

Yesterday evening we visited Gonzalo to learn about his new artistic work and to tell us about his new work of art as an environmental educational proposal "Exotic Invaders" "This work raises the invasion of several exotic species introduced by man in a reckless way in our country over time. Species that have become a plague, in predatory poachers, in true invaders displacing native native flora and fauna, seriously altering and damaging ecosystems. "

The beaver for example, Gonzalo tells us, would be the most unfortunate of cases. In 1940, twenty Canadian beavers were introduced to the Island of Tierra del Fuego, to the south of Argentina and Chile to develop the fur industry. But that attempt failed of course and its interference made the beaver not have natural predators, quickly spread as a plague on the other islands of the region reaching more than 150,000 individuals, causing massive destruction of local trees and species, threatening all forests and lakes of Patagonia.

"In the Work we also see the Red-bellied Squirrel, the Bull Frog and the African Giant Snail, also the Ligustro and the Tamarisk as invasive flora."

"This is why each of the alien invasive species portrayed here represent the second cause of loss of biodiversity and extinction of native species. we are all NATURE and we must protect our National Parks. "

" It is very necessary to give a know the degree of shared responsibility, because once an invasive species is settled in a region, eradication is not always possible "...

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