Bogota Sunangel? - Rogitama Hummingbird


Rogitama Nature Reserve Biodiversity, Arcabuco, Boyacá, Colombia.

From Rogitama we want to share the recent good news for Colombian Ornithology:

A few weeks ago, the reserve manager, Jesus Pachón Echeverri, a great natural observer, told me that seen an Aglaiocercus above the house; as the Aglaiocercus is not a novelty in the reserve, I merely expressed satisfaction to you by your observation. His comment and my reply were repeated, but the third time he made an additional remark: It is very beautiful and looks like the Coeligena prunellei because it is also dark ?? . This of color aroused my curiosity and proceeded to look for it. I was filled with surprise and excitement when I realized that I was observing a new species for the reserve: hummingbird number 18 had arrived!

We have observed at least two individuals near the house and recently while planting Passiflora and Bomarea plants in the upper part of Rogitama, I saw another individual. Jesus Pachón, the reserve manager, says with certainty that he has seen three individuals and believed him, because he was well aware of his observing capacity.

We are as a group currently working on morphological, behavioral, foraging data, among others, as we are convinced that more data and of course analysis, especially DNA and measurements, will be needed to fully identify this hummingbird . There was an agreement between us not to publish this news until we had the identification of this hummingbird that has found refuge in Rogitama, but the desire for a few photos recently published on the Internet without our authorization, makes us quickly share this exciting and happy news.

For the Rogitama Reserve this first prize is an honor and a great prize, a compensation for the constant work that we have been doing since 1982 in the environmental restoration of this land. Some pastures with conventional management, we have turned them, in the last 29 years, into a refuge for the wild life. Today Rogitama is a destination for researchers and bird watchers. In 1982 we had few birds, whereas today we have registered 121 species. We have planted thousands of plants that offer their flowers, their fruits and their shade to the wild fauna; we want to give the environment a small tribute, under the premise that the vegetation is the support of biodiversity.

Our greetings from Rogitama to all; enjoy the photos of this exciting discovery and share this good news for Colombian Ornithology with your friends.

Roberto Chavarro Chávarro

() Roberto Chavarro Chávarro - Rogitama Biodiversity Nature Reserve )

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