Cheerio Bird Feeders -

Cheerio Bird Feeders -

Cheerio Bird Feeders -

Here's a project that you can do with a little person in your house. If your little brother or sister can put a cheerio on a pipe cleaner then s / he can make these bird feeders!

Abbie says: For a simple, sturdy feeder, string cheerios onto pipe cleaners. Bend the pipe cleaners into whatever shape you want. Then twist the two ends of the pipe cleaners together. For a fancier looking feeder of the same thing, but with floral wire instead.

Mrs. Brown says: You can make these to be very pretty. Abbie made some Christmas gifts, using floral wire and pretty ribbon. You can make them into any shape you want. The three dimensional shapes are a tiny bit more complex. Here's how to make a sphere:

Twist each

pipe cleaner around the center

Put cheerios on each, Äúarm,Äù of the asterisk, leaving about 1/2 to 1,Ä≥ at the end.

Pull up opposite arms and twist them together, continuing until you have three circles creating a spherical cage. You'll end up with a lumpy bit of pipe cleaner because you'll wrap all of the ends around each other to make the sphere stable.

Turn the sphere over so that the pipe cleaner lump is on the bottom Attach a ribbon to the top. Sometimes, after the first knot, we just leave long ends to make typing it a bit easier, but you could also make a knotted loop now.

Other shapes for Cheerio Bird Feeders

How about making a bird feeder in the shape of the first letter of your name? You could make hearts or spirals too.

Abbie's little brother made a chain using half-sized pieces of pipe cleaner.

Have fun and use your imagination! We would love to see what you come up with. You can post pictures of your creations on our facebook page!

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