Come and go, swing.

Come and go, swing.

Come and go, swing.

EVERYONE who has been attending the success of cinematography for some years has asked us: When can this admirable device be joined in some other, even more admirable form: the phonograph? And we have imagined what would happen then. The history of the world referred to - at last! - as it is and not as it has been cooked and seasoned by men.

-Ah! We exclaimed. What a pity that in the days of Alexander, Augustus, Napoleon, the cinematograph and the phonograph had not yet been invented!

Well, the two apparatuses have united, and the other night , in Madrid, I was able to attend the experiments of impeccable perfection made with a German cinematograph and gramophone, synchronized by means of another apparatus, very simple indeed, and which is the invention of a Berliner.

the time the films were taken, all of the dramatic or lyrical theatrical scenes, the voice of the actor or the actors was printed on the discs, and each tape and each corresponding disc are then synchronized by means of a simple electric wire and an ingenious

The gramophone and cinematograph begin to march at the same instant, which is achieved with great ease; but if by mistake of a second they are not synchronized, if the voice is heard before or after the respective movement of the lips that articulate them, the regulator arranges everything, making a little more haste the disc or the tape until that the identity is perfect.

We hear "with the eyes" and with the ears ...

Add to this the colorful films, and there you have the reality, the life, that passes before you, as it is, as it was , rather. The permanence of the ephemeral instant, achieved for posterity. The history of this nervous, creative, and full of surprises, studied without error possible, in view of the masses and the measure of their understanding.

Pastors of peoples, apostles of ideas, coordinators and associates of forces, inventors of dangerous mechanics, heroes, martyrs: you will no longer be slandered, poorly known, postponed, subject to glories of tinsel.

A disc and a tape of fragile matter, but indestructible at the same time , have been sufficient to keep to the pair of bronzes your appearance, your attitude, your words and your deeds for the future.

Man is imperishable already, thanks to the synchronism of two familiar apparatuses: Death has we will continue to see and hear the beings we admire and love, and it will be as if they had not been extinguished!

Let the ghost move and speak thanks to the spell of a top and a disk, or that speaks and moves thanks to that other energy spell stored in a body, and constituting life ... What a pain!

The same senses that realized that it existed; the same senses, thanks to which it existed in fact for us, will continue to attest that it moves, that it smiles, that it gestures, that it speaks, with the very unity with which it performed these acts before it became dust ...

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