Do not Take It In Serial - Seriéfilos and Cinéfilos Empedernidos

Do not Take It In Serial - Seriéfilos and Cinéfilos Empedernidos

Do not Take It In Serial - Seriéfilos and Cinéfilos Empedernidos

Once the poet once said: "You always return to the places you have loved" "perhaps this is the reason why I always return after my ample parenthesis here. There's always a good series worth returning for ...

On this occasion the series deserves all honors. Their final chapter was broadcast without making much noise, on May 19, 2002 with a rather modest audience, away from those 29.1 million viewers when the series was at its sweetest point in the fifth season with the chapter "Leonard Betts" .

By now you will know that I am referring to X , the famous series created by Chris Carter and immortalized the pair of FBI agents most famous of all time, agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

It has been talked about innumerable times the birth of the seriéfilo fandom as a result of LOST and of the work that made it possible for the series to reach the mainstream culture, but to allow me to question the fact, if not the scope of why

When X-Files was released in 1993, fast became a media phenomenon, thanks to word of mouth and g to its premiere by the private network Telecinco. At that time there was no internet in each of the homes of the viewers hence the phenomenon could not be lived with all the amplitude that would have wanted the fans.

But let's go back to this series, which after 2 failed attempts in the form of a film did not find a way worthy of the least updated after 23 years of absence in the world of showbussines.

Finally this year, the series after much announcing its return, it has done it in miniseries format of 6 chapters, of which we highlight half of them. A promising beginning based on the internal mythology of the series, led to chapters that clearly honored the fans of always, and with some that another up, we arrived at a finish a little run over and with a cliffhanger more than baffling.

We do not really know what's going on in Chris Carter's head, but if it's true that it's unfair to the series, and much more to the fans this abrupt and undefined return after 23 years. There has clearly been a lack of development, not to say that in the first chapter the theory of the conspiracy originates from the internal mythology during the last 9 seasons. Mulder and Scully , or what is the same Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny , are a little out of place and it is not until the third chapter that we see again the chemistry that years ago had, and that seemed to have been blurred (the actors themselves had already stated that after so many years away from their characters, it was difficult for them to reconnect with them ) However I have to say as an unconditional fan that I have really enjoyed the return and much more of the chapters that take back the legacy of the old cases of our agents and absolutely all the winks and cameos.

Here we are, therefore, waiting for someone from the Fox network, to confirm the return of the series, and that we clear the great unknown in which left us the amazing cliffhanger in which they left us, I dare to say, in an interested way because the return is more than guaranteed even if it has not been published. If not, Chris Carter will not forgive you JAAAAAMÁS JAAAAMÁS !!

I hope you take the opportunity to relaunch Bluray format and not only the mini season, if not all the remaining material that has only arrived in

As always we are always found in these lines

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