As promised, follow the list of perfumes I have used / use.

1) Love Love, Cacharel

It is a perfume that mixes flowers and fruits, quite sweet. It combines tangerine, black cherry, Indonesian jasmine, lily of the valley, vanilla, white musk and gray amber. The brand refers to "It is symbolized by a brilliant red passionate rose, which recounts the story of life or the story of a night, marked by sensuality, a spell of love." Personally, I loved it! But it is not a good perfume to use during the summer, it is great for cooler times to have a strong odor. You can not abuse or risk nauseating the fragrance.

2) Taj Sunset Ladder

It smells delicious, very "summer"! Although sweet is not so nauseating, it gets fresher and lasts all day on the skin! It has notes like mango, nectarine, blood orange, lotus, raspberry, musk, sandalwood and coconut. It was a limited edition released by Escada. It has a very beautiful modern Indian design. Very good!

3) Ricci Ricci, Nina Ricci

The best I've had so far. Completely wonderful and addictive! It has notes fruity, floral, has a woody touch and is spicy. Ricci defines the perfume as "An urban hero, playful and full of glamor". Stay all day on the skin! The bottle has a wonderful design, with a lace that shows glamor, sensuality, highly feminine and modern. It is a winter scent, not a summer scent (it gets too sickening).

4) Loverdose, Diesel

Sweet, strong and sensual ... all this marks this enigmatic and wonderful perfume. It consists of vanilla, lemon, mandarin, jasmine, gardenia, cedar and sandalwood. It is a perfume of the oriental type and a little woody. They call it "the love spell of the twenty-first century." The bottle is very beautiful, heart-shaped multifaceted. pierced by a black spear. Again, great for use in colder climates.

6) J'adore, Dior

It is a great floral scent, connected to moments of elegance and luxury. It has notes like: Violet, champaca, rose, orchid, plum, vanilla, blackberry and musk. It has become a great classic, much sought after by sophisticated and elegant women. The jar resembles a jar, having an old style and at the same time modern, possessing precious and shiny bracelets. A curiosity: The name is not visible in the bottle but is hidden in the lid.

And you? What do you usually use? Share it;)

Hopes, dreams and tones of love,

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