Eguzkilore. The flower that protects the Basques | About Basque Country

Eguzkilore. The flower that protects the Basques | About Basque Country

Eguzkilore. The flower that protects the Basques | About Basque Country

Today is Easter Monday, the day after the Resurrection Sunday, in which the Basques celebrate the Aberri Eguna (the Day of the Basque Country). In this special Monday we want to leave in our web the history / legend that explains what the Eguzkilore is. the humble but powerful, protective flower that for many centuries, undoubtedly millennia, has been in charge of defending the homes of the Basques of evil.

We feel like doing it, although it has not come out in any medium. international communication. We feel like doing it, because yesterday (actually, this morning) a regular reader of our website, sent us a link to the blog that she writes, to give us this story. We are not much to believe in coincidences, and that is why we can not help but think that this input we have received has been written on this date under the direct influence of of Aberri Eguna.

That's why we thought What does our traditional Eguzkilore have to do with Aberri Eguna? Certainly it seems to them that nothing, but we think it does maintain a very important relation:

Thousands of years ago, the first Basques who inhabited this land, the País de los Vascos, thought that Amalur , mother earth, gave us that dry flower, that of a wild thistle (Carlina acaulis), as the way to protect their homes from all the evils brought by the darkness. A little less than 120 years ago, in 1895, Sabino de Arana and Goiri, I create another symbol, the Ikurriña, with the aim of defending and protecting that same land, Euskadi.

Yesterday, Aberri Eguna, the Ikurriña , this symbol of protection, of identity, was used by thousands and thousands of Basques in the five continents to remind the world, and to remind ourselves, what our country is. It is good, therefore, that today, Easter Monday, let us remember this other great protector symbol of the Basques.

It is AmaiurZen and here you can read the history of this very special flower

Field Notebooks - 9/4/2012 - Euskadi


Because everything will not be science and technology, allow me this time to share with you a beautiful legend of my people, Euskal Herria. the Basques santiuramente honor Amalur, or Mother Earth, and there are numerous legends on her. Especially I like this one in which it is counted as Amalur I create the Moon (Ilargi) and the Sun (Eguzki) and next to them to Eguzkilore (The Flower of Sun or the common thistle)

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