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Eragon is a fantastic novel written by Christopher Paolini, the first book in the saga of The Legacy. It is identified by the blue color. The sequel to Eragon is Eldest (red), and continues with Brisingr (black color) and a fourth title (green color) yet to reveal its general characteristics.

Christopher Paolini began writing Eragon at the age of fifteen, in 1998 and took three years to complete it. In 2002 it was published by the author's parents through his small publisher, Paolini International, LLC. The book was discovered by Alfred A. Knopf, and later published under the label "Knopf". In charge of a major publishing house, Eragon became a publishing success and a bestseller in the New York Times.

As a result of this success, on December 15, 2006, the first film of the saga in the United States was released by 20th Century Fox.

This story takes place in the fictitious territory of Alagaësia. When Eragon finds a large sapphire species while hunting in the woods, he thinks his fate has changed. He, a boy who lives on a modest farm with his uncle Garrow and his cousin Roran, believes that by selling it he will be able to buy meat from Slovan, the butcher of Carvahall, his home town, to be able to spend the cold winter. However, he does not buy it when he learns that it comes from the mysterious and dangerous mountains known as the Vertebrates, so the boy takes her back home.

Brom trains the young man and the dragon in the use of magic and combat to prepare them in their work as the new Rider and Dragon, to restart the old Order of Dragon Riders, overthrow the tyrant king and restore peace in Alagaësia. However, Eragon's dreams about a beautiful woman will twist their way to rescue her from her captor, Durza, Galbatorix's most dangerous servant. The book, despite its great commercial success, has been harshly and even aggressively criticized by readers who are specialized and experienced in readings of similar themes, often accusing it of plagiarism of other works in terms of universes, situations and stereotypes. Often, the universe of Alagaësia and its inhabitants is seen as a purely impersonal recreation of Tolkien, just as the characters and their roles imitate those of "Star Wars". It emphasizes also the magic, a power that consists in pronouncing the sacred and authentic name of each thing, identical to the one of "Stories of Terramar", or the many invented words that keep very similar to those of Tolkien and its invented language, that, according to the readers, "are too many" to be considered mere tributes. On the other hand, the film, if it certainly distances notably from the book, has also been highly criticized (despite its economic success), this time by most moviegoers, as well as showing some buildings and makeup too modest for a movie of these characteristics. This adaptation has an ample list of differences with respect to the book (either they have been changed, or they have been dropped) with respect to argument and characterization. Nothing has been confirmed about possible sequels, but in the American poster, this film was declared as the first chapter of a trilogy. Ironically, Christopher Paolini himself has stated that the saga will consist of four chapters.

Saphira: is Eragon's accompanying dragon, his communication with his rider is telepathic shares magical features that unite them. It is able to discern and make its own decisions during the course of history this develops and grows, acquiring new skills such as flying and launching fire. Saphira is named after Brom's dragon. It is blue color
It is the last dragon in Alagaësia, reason why the king Galbatorix wants it alive so to be able to create a new generation of dragons

Brom: it is an old storyteller of the village of Carvahall , and who becomes Eragon's mentor. During the plot different versions of the past of this one are created: it is storyteller, sorcerer, curandero or Dragon Rider being this last true one.
During the course of the story he points out that he loses his dragon in the fight with Morzan, this dragon curiously was called Saphira. He belongs to the Varden, who are a group of opposition to the king, seems to sympathize with them although for much of the book he tries to protect Eragon from them, by not considering him clever.

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