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The hidden paradise that holds the Mexican island Holbox is no longer a secret. But even so, when you compare this tiny island with places like Cancun, Acapulco or Cabo, this magnificent site north of Yucatan is a true hidden gem. Holbox is a fishing village that stays true to its origins and leads a relaxed lifestyle. In 2011, the island was declared a protected area by the Mexican government, as part of the country's largest ecological reserve, Yum Balam. Most of the tourist developments have kept the picturesque and unique style, blending in with the rest of the landscape and in tune with the unconcerned atmosphere of the city.

Holbox is synonymous with tranquility. Many of their hotels are eco-friendly and several of them are managed by their own owners. Getting there is not complicated, although it is not as simple as taking a taxi from the airport to the city like Cancun. The city has a small airport and there is air taxi service from Cancun and Cozumel. If you do not, you should drive a couple of hours from Cancun, take a ferry from the small town Chiquila and then cross the sandy streets of the city on foot, by bike or in a golf cart until you reach your hotel.

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That's right. No cars are allowed on the island. There are also banks, ATMs and mail.

The biggest attraction on the island is the whale shark. From June to September you can see large numbers of whale sharks migrating in this area. Authorized tour guides can accompany you to meet these incredible sea creatures that feed on plankton and krill, which measure up to 12 meters long and weigh about 20 tons.

Although Holbox's biggest tourist attractions are whale sharks, beaches, flora and fauna, the town itself should not be overlooked. Holbox is still a small fishing village. A good part of its 2000 inhabitants are engaged in fishing or some activity related to it. Take a stroll along its sandy streets and you will find open doors, children playing football and people in hammocks taking a nap.

Some of the hotels on the island are Casa Las Tortugas, Villas Delfines, Las Nubes Holbox Hotel and Casa Sandra, among others. Rates vary by season and can range from $ 100 to $ 300 per night.

There are many good restaurants in the city. And if you have fish because you have bought a fisherman or because you have gone fishing, you can take it to the restaurant and they will prepare it to your liking. The cuisine of the area, like Mayan cuisine in general, is gaining prestige among foreigners. Holbox celebrates a culinary festival every October and they also celebrate Carnival celebrations during February.

If you are looking for a quiet and special place to enjoy, to get away from the chaos of living in the city, do not give us respite, consider escaping a few days to Holbox. It is one of those places that slows you down, relaxes you and stays with you forever.

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