House in the Dolomites - JM Architecture - Italy | Symbiosis News

House in the Dolomites - JM Architecture - Italy | Symbiosis News

House in the Dolomites - JM Architecture - Italy | Symbiosis News

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Architect: JM Architecture - Jacopo Mascheroni
Location: Dolomite Mountains, Italy
Year of construction: 2005 -2006
Builder: Hobag AG, Field Tures (BZ)
Structural Engineer: Planungsbüro Dr.Ing. Aichner, Brunico (BZ)
Mechanical Engineer: Thermostudio Bruneck, Brunico (BZ)
Supervision: Oskar Gartner (Hobag AG), Rudi Viehweider )

The landscaping: Nippon Bonsai, Carate Brianza (MI)
Coges, Padova the remodeling of this house in the Dolomites on the border between Italy and Austria began because of the discomfort in which they lived. The building currently has a large and high entrance hall with rooms arranged around it, which is necessary to walk to move around the house. On the ground floor, the kitchen, dining room, living room where they obtain after this adequation sufficient light.

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House in the Dolomites - JM Architecture - Italy | Symbiosis News

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For this reason, the entire ground floor it had to demolish, to give passage to a new glass interior that now the only separation between the different spaces. There are few new volumes that have been added around the house to expand the entrance hall and family room, dining room, a place for relaxation and a little study area.

The house is completely controlled by an iBus system, in addition, special attention has been paid to audio video equipment, which is also included within the invisible installations that the house has. Almost everything has been designed, especially the floor, as it is known the maple does not get very well with the floor heating, and that is why thinking about this has been put a layer of 20 cm thick based particles that distribute the heating without damaging the delicate maple of only 2.5 cm. The garden is surrounded by a 2.5 m high wooden wall with horizontal slats to emphasize the perspective and the fusion of the shadows created by the light of day. In general terms the project can be defined as sober and simple thanks to its clear and simple formal operating scheme.

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