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The people of Moab take refuge in Judah

16 »From the city of Shelah, which is in the wilderness, the heads of Moab send lambs. to present offerings to God in the temple of Jerusalem.

"The inhabitants of Moab cross the river Arnon, they look like frightened birds escaping from their nests. br> Come with this message for the inhabitants of Jerusalem:

"We need protection!
We need a place to hide.
Do not hand us over to the destructive enemy "When the enemy departs from Moab
and end the war and destruction,
a descendant of King David
will become king of Israel.

and he will guide them all with goodness, and will not delay in doing justice.

The pride of Moab will disappear

»The people of Moab
are famous for their pride:
they think they are very important, and they look with contempt on others.
But they are wrong!

» They will all weep for their country,
they will be filled with sadness remembering the rich vineyards of Chir-haréset,
of Heshbon and Sibná.
Those vineyards were so great
that they spread through the desert, and they came to the city of Jazer
and to the Mediterranean Sea.
But now those vineyards are withered, because the Assyrians have completely destroyed them.

"For this cause I now weep for the vineyards of Sibmah and Jazer." I also weep for Heshbon and Elah, because in their fields there is no fruit or harvest. > to give joy to the people.

"There will be no more in the fields
joy nor riot;
no longer will hear the song
those who collect the grapes
nor the joy of those who make the wine.
No more songs and shouts of joy!

This was the message that God gave against Moab long ago. And now God says: "The labor contract of any worker lasts three years. Therefore I tell you that within three years the power of Moab will be destroyed. His people will die; only a few will be alive, but without strength. "

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