La Amistad National Park

Its flora and fauna

The fauna as well as the flora is very diverse and wonderfully rich, composed of more than 400 species of birds including the Quetzal, Pharomachrus mocinus , and the Turdus plehejus , crested eagle , the black-tailed Chamaepetes unicolor , the woodpecker Melanerpes ormicivorus , the harpy eagle Harpia harpija , etc. Those that make up almost 74% of the existing species in the country.

The area is attributed to the existence and permanence of a little less than 80% of invertebrates and vertebrates in the country. In which 263 species of amphibians and reptiles have been counted, where the salamandra montañera lizards and the anurans appear. Among the mammals, several endangered species are present: the tapir tapirus bairdii, the Felisconcolor puma, the jaguar Panthera onca the white-beaked Tayassu pecari , the Felis pardalis manigordo, the cacomiscle, the tolomuco barbara and the barefoot lion Felis yagouaroundi >, etc., among the more or less 150 species present.

The park is a protector, feeder and mother of hydrographic basins of vital importance for our country. It protects the middle and upper basins such as Ceiba, Cabagra, Mosca, Guineal and Casnasta whose main collector is the large Térraba river on the Pacific slope; by the Caribbean area the main collector, the river Sixaola, etc. which are a source of drinking water for almost 50% of the national consumption.

The abundance of water in these rivers is due to the position, altitude and orographic system of the incursion from the two oceans, which means that the rains are very constant and torrential, which causes the area is constantly exposed to floods and landslides.

In the place we find services such as information, shelters, two conditioned camping areas, roofed lunch area, bathrooms, amphitheater, parking and park ranger offices, five observation paths, and chat rooms with mobile and permanent exhibits.

There is a special place for birdwatching, called Mount Amou Logge. is located five minutes, outside the park, in the community of La Lucha de Potrero Grande in it offer food, tours, lodging, etc.

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