laletracapital: ROZZ WILLIAMS: Accept the gift of sin (Hollow Hills 2003)

"Accept the Gift of Sin" features a 1996 concert by Rozz Williams and David E. Williams. They are seven songs only, since, apparently, the concert was interrupted by the responsible ones of the room, worried by the reaction of some assistants, since Rozz came on the scene with a Nazi flag around its body. It contains Cavity and When I Was Bed played with accordion and piano, three versions (I'm not in Love - from Tin Pan Alley's Dream - Little Dream of Me - and Tomorrow Belongs to Me - and a live version of Mindfuck - Soundtrack of a Murder - (from the spoken word "Every King's to Bastard Son"). The sound of the concert is terrific (nothing to do with those that Cleopatra released years ago) and reminiscent of the collaboration of R. Williams and G. Demone in "Dream Home Heartache". That is, cabaret, decadent atmosphere and the luxury of Rozz's voice. In general, it transports you to the bars of pre-war Berlin with its smoke and everything. The only one is the short duration of the CD (little more than half an hour) but given the intolerance and the lack of sense of humor of those responsible for the venue where the event was held, little more can be done. Recommended especially to the hardcore who was head thinking of many of the best songs of the last 20 years.

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