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In this uncritical world full of dystopias - a reversal of utopias - that promotes a constant sense of the future, radio, and its nonlinear reality in real time, navigates towards an infinite horizon of opportunities that we must know , to learn, to understand and to undertake, to develop cutting edge concepts and to produce constant innovation.

Lucidity and precision (Eclat lumineux) . In times of uncontrollable upheavals and belligerences, of arguments sustained more in the tantrum or the complaint that in the conviction, claim (lucidity) and ambition (precision) can not be more stimulating. Today audiences have given way to users and this reality presents us with new job profiles that build a new narrative, design other forms of presentation, connect information, entertainment and company, with the public literate digitally through advances that add passion and interest to your favorite topics.

Technology truly advances when it sums up, embeds, associates, does not take away; the new thing should not be a cannibalistically pulverizing the above.

Perhaps with an exasperated productive paroxysm, in which continents are more important than their contents, the radio goes towards the video, the newspaper to the audio and television to the cell phone. Behind this multimedia and multiplatform mutability that should stimulate positive changes, as a public service in the affluence, a new production circuit has changed producers and radio programmers into new multimedia designers transforming ideas into concrete realizations, recreating the complex in a new way of synthesize and communicate ethically and aesthetically.

Almost lastly, let us remember that it helps tremendously to listen (not just hear) what others do and fail to do, to practice skills developing virtues and correcting defects to find unfailingly a style of their own.

p> Main tags in this year's academic and professional activity: apply concepts, cutting-edge knowledge and know-how current synchro-asynchronous production and programming, audit materials and air checks, use < i> softwares & amp; hardwares of editing, arranging and audiovisual design, simulating and marking functions of radiostaff, generating content and strategy projects, radioformat interaction, radioformers, platforms and networks.

I give you my warmest and cordial welcome to broadcasters, media professionals, tertiary and university students of careers related to social communication, advertising, journalism and audiovisual media, and the general public without experience passionate about radio and interested in joining the activity.

¨The horizon moves as we move forward ... together and in tune.¨

Professor Andrés M. Muir

Universidad del Salvador
University of Belgrano
TRG-Associated Tertiary and University Institutions
The Radio Group ™ Director of Public Radio Program Director (USA)

Urgent , was first, live mobile, summaries every half hour, images, audios and v ideos ceded by the "honorable security forces." News 24 hours. Air + Internet. WOW!

Here we are, giving us binges of red plaques, videographs, typed titles, uncritical moments and unproductive paroxysms, informative updates forced by the tempo of each medium, news openings, panoramas and flashes.

We are what we eat. And we eat a little of everything. Cable news channels, sports zapping strip, online journals, blogs, social networks, mobile technologies, charlatan FM and AM flavored, smelling and old frying noise. Yes, even.

Will most AM survive the era without a generational change in its content offerings and ethical-aesthetic, artistic-commercial, synchro-asynchronous strategies? For now, they seem to give part of a reserved forecast with their drivers from the television world, NO RADIAL.

Generations of voices and ears accustomed to driving and selling shouts, no longer driving or selling, will give way to young people and contemporary adults (communicators of RADIO and active listeners) with advertising and purchasing power, who wish to treat and be treated as friends who are "spoken" and "listen" warmly and heartily, telling them the news, literally but naturally, sharing exclusive promotions, content and benefits through a tone and a much more personal and less public communication area?

For now, let's lower our voice, let's move to vibrator mode as we think: behind the news ... is there anybody there?

Silence : nothing that can be explained, but all the rest; allows you to hear what is on the other side; highlights, underlines, generates expectation, makes us reflect ... In silence we are. Let's silence to check what value words have.

Professor Andrés M. Muir Redefining the Radio

Make a radio that covers the country and the world, and to be heard locally everywhere.

Reach a wider audience. Go to the audience. Put the radio on the street. Transform listeners into active registered users of the web.

Increase the sales of genuine advertising seconds by offering a multimedia and cross-platform business plan.

Contribute to the development of regional economies, promote popular consumption and accompany export promotion.

Expand the diversity of synchronous content (air AM FM) and asynchronous (hd + web + apps)

Propensity to the institutional, journalistic and commercial autonomy of the radio. > Encourage greater professional training and decentralize the medium by developing new independent talents.

Integrate immigrants, promote solidarity and art, work for useful entertainment and interest, good company and peace .

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