Photo Contest - TEPHINET Conference of the Americas 2016 / Photo Contest - 2016 TEPHINET Conference of the Americas | TEPHINET

Photo Contest - TEPHINET Conference of the Americas 2016 / Photo Contest - 2016 TEPHINET Conference of the Americas | TEPHINET

Photo Contest - TEPHINET Conference of the Americas 2016 / Photo Contest - 2016 TEPHINET Conference of the Americas | TEPHINET

Photo Contest 2016:

Sharing Experiences Through The Image

Images have their own way of conveying messages. One click sets unique and exciting scenes. The photograph has a magic that gives a greater impact to the information and the message to be transmitted.

The TEPHINET network has been evolving every year, mainly in the strengthening of the FETP network of programs. The need for the work of the TEPHINET network to have greater visibility in scientific conferences through photography has been identified. It is an attractive way to promote the activities of the programs and the TEPHINET network. To this end, TEPHINET develops a photo contest to promote the activities carried out by the trained FETP.

2016 is a year of regional conferences, focusing on the 9th Scientific Conference on Epidemiology of the Americas 2016 , this year, working with the focus on new strategies and challenges for an integrated response to Zika and other diseases in the Americas.

  • Increase the pool of field epidemiology
  • Encourage new field epidemiologists to record the images of their research.
  • To increase the knowledge of society and partners on the work of the epidemiologist and its different activities.
  • To stimulate the exchange of experiences among professionals.

Participants should submit their photos online via the link:

Each participant may submit a maximum of 3 photos.

All photos submitted will be exhibited during the 9th Regional Scientific Conference of Epidemiology of the Americas, in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, from 11 to 16 December 2016. TEPHINET and REDSUR will also post the photos on their Facebook pages for a vote of their fans.

A panel of judges will select the winning photos at the conference. The photo that receives the most 'likes' on Facebook will also receive a special award.

You will be able to participate in the contest, trained by the FETP of America or graduates with photos of investigations of the period in which they were linked in the FETP or also health professionals involved in public health surveillance in your country.


Each participant will be able to submit a Submission Criteria
  • The Scientific Subcommittee reserves the right to select the photographs to be displayed. > maximum of three photographs. * Additional photographs will be automatically discarded.
  • All images must be in JPG / JPEG or PNG format. For print quality, the image must have a minimum of 300 dots per inch (dpi) and a minimum of 3 x 5 inches . The file must not be larger than 4 MB .
Photographs can be landscapes, portraits or actions that keep the FETP or surveillance work shape capturing real emotions < / li> The ownership of the photographs will be maintained by the participant, however, TEPHINET reserves the right to use photographs submitted in print and / or electronic material.

d. Photo Contest Schedule

The photo registration opening date is October 14 and the deadline for submissions is November 18, 2016.

On November 30, 2016, participants will be confirmed which photos were classified.

During the conference, between December 11 and 16, 2016, the photos will be evaluated by the jury.

e. Evaluation and selection criteria

The three winners will be selected by a panel of judges. The photographs will be judged for their technical and artistic merits, as well as their ability to convey the message of field epidemiology in action. They should follow the following criteria:

I. Quality of photography

II. Possibility of using it in REDSUR / TEPHINET publications

III. Clarity of the information or message present in the photograph and in the description of it

VI. Inclusion of trainers and links with public health

The consultants of TEPHINET, another external organization and experts in photography will be part of the organizing and evaluating committee.

g. Ethical aspects

Participants must obtain consent by photographing people in non-public places in order to use the photos in the publication or promotion forms.

While it is not a legal requirement of consent, applicants should always respect individuals' private interests by not taking compromising photographs for a recognizable individual. Consent should always be obtained if the photos are taken at a health center, regardless of whether the location is considered "public". The Photograph Consent Form (attachment 2) must be submitted.


This work expects a greater integration between the trained and the activities carried out in each FETP, in addition to the participation of the surveillance professionals of the region. p>

The images will show what each participant considers relevant to support TEPHINET, to break recognition barriers on the importance of field epidemiology in the Americas.

The different characteristics that each participant shows in the photographs about the activity in your region, will show the different ways of reaching the programs. This makes TEPHINET a stronger network.

Six attributes will be evaluated, using the scale from 1 to 5 for evaluation.

Photo has a clear focus The composition of the photo is technically good The focus, exposure and light of the photo are good The photo transmits a clear message / story The photo illustrates the field epidemiology in action The photograph can be used to illustrate the activities of TEPHINET.


** Remembering that to submit photos, you need to create a user account at and be connected in your account to access the submission form and other guidelines!



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