Phragmipedium kovachii & amp; Hybrids

Phragmipedium kovachii & amp; Hybrids

Phragmipedium kovachii & amp; Hybrids

Phragmipedium kovachii is one of the most exciting finds to enter the world of orchid horticulture in recent history. I am pleased to announce that we are the first American nursery to be actively propagating and hybridizing this great new species from Peru.

This has been a project that we have been working on since May 2003, when Alfredo Manrique, owner of Manrique Garden Center, Lima, Peru, was granted the first permit to collect the five plants that we are presently working with. Since that time, three companies have formed an exclusive partnership for the US, European and Asian markets to make this all happen, one from Peru and the other two from the United States.

Phrag. Very large flowers ranging in size from 6 "to over 9" in.

# 740SPECIES: ('Laura' X 'Ana' some cases. These are not as difficult to grow as you might think, however they are very slow to get going, you just need some patience. View more images here

Phrag. kovachii Hybrids

This is currently the most exciting arena in all of Phragmipedium breeding. The offerings below represent the most cutting-edge pairings available anywhere.

# 743 (kovachii 'Laura' X Living Fire 4N)

# 741 (kovachii 'Ana' X Walter Schomburg)

(kovachii X besseae)

By this point in time, you must have seen this hybrid, either in person or in pictures. It is like a Phrag. besseae on steroids!

# 1351 (Mem Dick) Clements 4N 'Piping Rock' x kovachii 'PR-1')

# 1285 (kovachii X Sorcerer's Apprentice)

Inquire for size / s and more description

# 1051 (Elizabeth Castle X Kovachii)

Another amazing new kovachii hybrid, using an amazing besseae hybrid. These have been wonderful. Haley Decker X kovachii

# 1352 (dalessandroi X kovachii)

Phrag. dalessandroi adds great texture to the flowers of this hybrid, almost giving it a velvet like feel. Flowers 4-1 / 2 to 5-1 / 2 "in natural spread, variable in form in pinks to salmon in color. Some plants may have been bloomed.

# 1229 (Eric Young X kovachii)


to P. Suzanne Decker, with large pink flushed flowers

# 1353 (Eric Young x Peruflora's Cirila Alca)

Nice full flower, 5 - 6 "in natural spread in sunset tones, with good substance. Another plant may have been bloomed.

# 1289 (Peruflora's Spirit X longifolium)

large flowers approaching purple-pink in coloration.

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