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Plumeria (Plumeria rubra and Plumeria alba) , also known as jazmín magno, sacuanjoche, frangipán , is a small deciduous shrub or sapling , of the family Apocynaceae and originating in Mexico and Central America.

It has large, elliptical and bright green leaves. They come together at the ends of the branches. When it loses, the tip is blunt, giving a characteristic shape.

The flowers are arranged in panicles and are colored between reddish and white. In the variety P. rubra "acutifolia" (or species, as it is not clear) are white with the yellow center. They have a very pleasant smell reminiscent of jasmine or vanilla. In Plumeria alba they lack the reddish hue.

It gives good in warm climates, with rather dry and limestone substrate.

Reproduction is done by stakes woody, once dry latex. They are placed in sand with little humidity until rooting.

It is the national flower of Nicaragua where it is called sacuanjoche and is the one used to make garlands that put tourists in Hawaii. > And if you want to see more publications you can do this by following us on Facebook, where new things appear every day: rioMoros on Facebook
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