Ryan Murphy Explains That Cheetos Scene in American Horror Story: Cult

Ryan Murphy Explains That Cheetos Scene in American Horror Story: Cult

Ryan Murphy Explains That Cheetos Scene in American Horror Story: Cult

That's what this show is about. "And I hope that people can figure that out". So are the murderous clowns real, or just a figment of Allie's (and adorable son Ozzie's) imagination? It's why movies like The Purge: Election Year and Get Out have been so successful in Trump's America. According to EW.com, Peters will also channel other famous cult leaders throughout history, including Charles Manson and Andy Warhol. The premiere also takes aim at Trump supporters, 4chan users and even makes a playful dig at ardent Clinton supporter Lena Dunham, who will guest star later this season.

That specific episode will focus on "the female rage then and in the country now" by flashing back to Solanas and her "Scum Manifesto", in which she instructed women to kill men in order to rise to power.

American Horror Story: Cult seems to have the goal of examining all sorts of reactions to the 2016 election. Everybody now seems to be crying and scratching heads at every speech that the president utters, and all that is about to be turned into one exciting season for the show.

Clowns: Don't even think about watching this season if you have coulrophobia (fear of clowns).

In a new teaser released by FX, Twisty is front and center is this disturbing motion comic that shows the demented clown tearing out the liver and cutting out the tongue of one of his victims. The new season discusses the controversial presidential election, showing clips Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton during their presidential campaigns in a trailer for the season. Ally (Sarah Paulson) has developed several phobias and has entered in therapy to deal with Donald Trump's presidential win.

In her postelection life, Ally takes a seemingly innocuous trip to a local grocery store, where she is terrorised by clowns that seem like a hallucination but are probably in fact real. Though it's still the beginning of the season, some of Samuels' racist remarks and the bloody opening credits makes me think these two aren't almost as collected as they appear to be. Back in July, Murphy revealed that the season would be set in MI. This doesn't go over well, but that doesn't bother Kai in the least. That won't be the only character played by Evan though, who apparently has a bigger role in Cult than any of the previous seasons. Peters sets the standard for how terrifying he'll get this season in one of his first scenes: Kai grinds up Cheetos and smears the orange dust on his face after Trump's win. So of course the show leaves us on a cliffhanger when Ally rolls over in bed and there's another one of those dang clowns right there beside her. What's interesting, though, is it seems that AHS: Cult isn't out to point fingers and lay the blame about how we got here. So, that's been very weird. In this time of hysteria, he should be equipped with more than enough material to be successful. That's the jest of what Murphy has revealed about AHS Season 7.

Evan Peters' character will be leading a cult of evil clowns. "I tried, you know that I did!" she says, pleading with her wife, Ivy (Alison Pill).

Ivy tries to give Ally a romantic dinner at their restaurant while their son is at home with Winter. But he's really attacked it, as has Sarah. I've seen not just the premiere, but the first four episodes of Cult.

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