Sound - meaning of sound dictionary

Sound - meaning of sound dictionary

Sound - meaning of sound dictionary

Sometimes they emitted articulations to understand gods, others a sound with the force of a bull of strong mooing, brave and untamed, others of a lion of wild fury, others like the cubs, wonder to hear it, and others whistled and echoed the high mountains.

He was able to tell beautiful stories of the haughty Norse cliffs and the cataracts that precipitate foaming with a roar comparable to that of thunder and the sound of the organ; and spoke of salmon jumping forward against the current when the Nöck touches his golden harp.

Hans Christian Andersen

Because Lucia, daughter at the end of the Amadei, was not born for mortification and pain, but to exhaust the joys of life, in the harmonious rhythm of the poets 'stays, in the magic of color, in the sweet and mysterious calm of the gardens, where the eternal beauty of the Greek statues smiled and only the weight of others' faults and the longing for the atonement had thrown her with anguish and terror at the foot of the altars, where every minute she involuntarily remembered the world and its pleasures.

Emilia Pardo Bazán

The strange vertigo and the terrible darkness have left me, and I no longer hear that maddening, turbulent, horrible sound, like "the voice of many waters." The dramatic clamor of the hour rises up into the sky like a hosanna and wraps its pontificate in its magnificent trembling waves, which gradually ascends the steps, blessing, among the crowd that prostrates itself and he murmurs ejaculations of adoration.

Emilia Pardo Bazán

The Gardner family developed the habit of listening, although they did not expect to hear any sound they could name.

The ends of the bed pillars are used for the same purpose. - But the cavity could not be detected by the sound?

I have no desire to remain locked in here for a long time. »He waited a few minutes without hearing anything else. At last he heard the rumble of the wheels of a wheelbarrow and the sound of many voices speaking all at once.

And finally, after the legion was brave with such a sure escort to arrive, the Silence and San Miguel, his guide, no longer resisting to be mute, he raised his voice before the impious host, the horn raised the sound of the trumpet.

If you go to the stars, The solemn buzz of the blues birds Break the great balance Of your hidden skull. Fleeing from the sound You are sound itself, Spectrum of harmony, Smoke of shout and song.

51 The one to me, who is a god, seems, that, if impious is not, that surpasses the divine , who sitting against you again and again looks at you and hears, sweetly laughing, which, poor me, everyone rips my senses, because once you, Lesbia, I have looked at you, I have nothing more I of voice in the mouth, but the tongue takes hold, tenuous under my organs a flame dimana, by the sound of it tinkle my ears, and twins cover my night lights.

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