The 12 places in Oaxaca where mezcal best knows

The 12 places in Oaxaca where mezcal best knows

The 12 places in Oaxaca where mezcal best knows

Why is it special? Because here you find one of the richest and most varied fusion cuisine in Oaxaca. The place has a style that combines traditional Mexico and contemporary Mexico. And speaking of mezcal ... is one of the most recognized and tasty of the state!

It is perfect for ... Go with your friends or with your partner enjoy a late-

What to order? Tostadas of tuna tartar, stuffed holy grass, tlayuda of shrimp and, for dessert, a cascade of chocolate with a mezcal Alipús San Juan, San Andrés or San Baltazar

Why is it special? Because the atmosphere surrounds you: the decor is beautiful, the music is soft and the service is first class. They serve typical food from the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, which is super delicious! And you can accompany it with mezcal, of course, since they have a bar with more than 50 brands of the best mezcales of Mexico.

It is perfect for ... Celebrate with your friends a birthday, with the family or also for an intimate celebration with your partner. >

What to order? A rich black mole enchiladas with a mezcal breast of Real Minero.

Why is it special? For belonging to one of the families with the highest tradition and experience in mezcal: The Mezcales of Tradition Chagoya ". In addition, they have a good vision to keep growing. The place has one of the most avant-garde designs of Oaxaca, from its bar with details of black mud, the wooden door designed by Francisco Toledo, its sustainable pots. All the details are special!

What to order? It has a workshop kitchen and a mezcal cocktail with a wide variety of its famous brands Los Cuerudos, Tehuana and Donají. I recommend a ceviche, a tomato salad or a goose burger with a cucumber-based cocktail.

Why is it special? Because it was one of the first spaces to spread the diversity of endemic agaves of the state and to promote mezcalilleros teachers. Its brand has gradually been consolidated and now, without doubt, is the best. In this place you will always find good atmosphere and good music. They also feature art exhibitions by emerging Oaxacan artists.

It's perfect for ... Go with your friends and dance!

What to order ? Any mezcal is a good choice.

Why is it special? Why do they only manage their own brand and is always visited by a guitarist who plays all corridos and boleros you want to listen to.

It is perfect for ... As it is a very small and relaxed place, it is ideal to go by anytime, just in company,

What to order? I recommend you order the tasting of three mezcales, it comes at a good price and so try everything.

p> Why is it special? Because they always have mezcal presentations and invite the mezcalero teacher to give the tasting. It is a cozy place and its creator, Ulises Torrentera - writer and expert in mezcal - is always ready to chat with his clients.

It is perfect for ... Go with your group of friends to some presentation and then they can stay there, enjoying the atmosphere and the mezcal until the end of the night.

Why is it special?

It's perfect for ... Go with your friends to learn and have a good time. Or to take visitors from outside the state who are interested in mezcal. If you have a private event, you can book the salon.

What to order? The mezcalillera table, which serves you three types of mezcal. Why is it special? It is one of the newest and alternative places to try mezcal in Oaxaca. The atmosphere is excellent and they always have art exhibits. At weekends there is jazz music, some good DJ or a guest mixologist.

It's perfect for ... Go with your group of friends on weekends, I recommend making reservations. During the week is an excellent option to go as a couple, as it is a very romantic place.

What to order? The sprat of the house is very rich. A yellow bread cake to accompany him or a cocktail with mezcal are basic.

Why is it special? It is very well located, on the walker and at weekends there is jazz

It's perfect for ... Its decoration and atmosphere make it a very cozy and romantic place to escape with your partner.

Why is it special? Because it's a very relaxed place, where do you find it? good folk food and a variety of over 50 mezcals and craft beers. The service is very good and upon arrival you are offered a mezcal spadin with a quiet restroom.

It is perfect for ... Go with family and friends to see sporting events and enjoy the promotions.

Why is it special? Because it is a private place that is only entered by appointment. It is a redoubt for devotees of good mezcal and good talk. Here you will learn the whole process of mezcal elaboration, counted by mezcalier Andrea Hagan or by the owner of the place and creator of the concept, Marcos, who will attend you personally.

It is ideal for ...

What to order?

What to order If it is your first few times, a sprat will be ideal, and experts can ask what is new or if you can try the tips, which is the most extreme.

Why is special? Because you are going to be taken care of by one of the very kind Zamora brothers, owners of the brand El Cortijo, who will explain what you want to know and even give you a demonstration of how to take mezcal. In addition, there you can buy a gift bottle that you can take inside a design box made by an artist. Each box is unique!

It is perfect for ... You can go alone or with a friend, the atmosphere is relaxed and there the thing is to talk, to taste and to relax.

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