The tailor owl

The tailor owl

The tailor owl

We are already at Christmas !!

And although at this time I'm pretty busy, I did not want to stop participating.

So here I present you this little Rudolph of tender little eyes. A simple amigurumi that is perfect for these dates.

I also wanted to give you a little bit of my time and I have left the pattern step by step with many photos in case you are encouraged to do so.

Pattern Rudolph amigurumi

Wool in the following colors: brown, chocolate and white.

3mm needle.

1) Mount 6sc in

a magic ring, 6sc
2) 2sc in each previous sc, 12sc
3) 1sc in each previous sc, 12sc
4) 2sc, 1sc repeat around, 18sc
5 - 7) 1sc in each sc previous, 18sc, 8c), 2sc, 1sc, 1sc, repeat around, 24 sc Scdecr, 1sc, 1sc, repeat around, 18sc Scdecr , 1sc, repeat around, 12sc

11) Scdecr, repeat around, 6sc

Fill and close.

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