Work From Home Flower Printer Business, Licensee Opportunity Speaking Roses

Work From Home Flower Printer Business, Licensee Opportunity Speaking Roses

Work From Home Flower Printer Business, Licensee Opportunity Speaking Roses

Speaking Roses has created a personalization product that is revolutionizing the floral industry, and is making its mark in many markets that have traditionally had no interest in flowers, such as the gift market, the card market greeting and promotional industry. By creating a patented process that stamps your own personalized message or photographs directly on the petal of fresh live flowers, Speaking Roses has combined the instant personalized message with the emotion of a flower to create "The New Form of Expression", and given the opportunity to print flowers for the current era of personalization. This patented method of stamping images, photographs and messages on freshly cut flowers without harming or shortening the life of the flower allows those who take the opportunity to become Speaking Roses graduates to create a unique gift in their class that promises to change forever reasons why people buy flowers. When they see things that can be done with a stamped flower, they will buy stamped flowers for many more occasions than they regularly do.

This refreshing idea of ​​the flower stamped enhances the emotional reaction, both in the who has received the flower, and has received international attention from celebrities and media alike.

Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise, Ellen DeGeneres, Donald Trump and many others have used and gifted our flowers stamped as gifts. Speaking Roses flowers have been featured in the Kentucky Derby, the Oscars, the Rose Bowl, and the Emmy. Our custom flowers have received worldwide media attention for programs such as Access Hollywood, E! and magazines such as Forbes, Family Circle, In Touch, and Inc. have presented our flowers in their publications.

Our worldwide growth has put Speaking Roses all over the world. And with two patents in the US and many others in process around the world, Speaking Roses is the first and only company legally authorized to produce and sell fresh cut flowers with images or messages stamped on the petals. This makes Speaking Roses creations unique in their class, and gives those who sell them tremendous advantages over their competitors.

We are now allowing others to have the opportunity to be part of this revolutionary idea. You can become a Speaking Roses graduate and offer Speaking Roses in your own area. This franchise opportunity, unlike a franchise, gives you access to the use of our equipment, products and offers marketing materials and ideas, so you can apply them in your own creative way to improve and grow your business. / p>

Your potential with Speaking Roses is unlimited! The floral, advertising, business, and greeting card markets and gift markets constitute a $ 80 billion industry in the US. only. And we put at your disposal all the necessary tools to help you enter those markets. With the ability to place anything from a company logo to a marriage proposal on freshly cut flowers, we have opened a door to an advertising world that is just beginning to develop.

By joining our team as a license holder of Speaking Roses, you will have access to all the knowledge of professionals with experience in this sector, and will become part of a company that has already achieved worldwide recognition. >

The vision of Speaking Roses was born in 2001 when its founder left the promotional industry to fulfill his own dream. I wanted to use one of the most beautiful creations of Mother Nature - the rose - to convey any message imaginable. Giving a rose has long been the cause of a very emotional reaction, but never such an emotion of the giver has been able to appear inscribed on the petal of the rose itself. This is the dream that will help you fulfill your commitment by being a part of Speaking Roses.

The licensing opportunity with Speaking Roses is unique because it gives you many strategic advantages. Unlike franchise opportunities, and even Internet business opportunities, you can choose to use tools and information based on our years of experience, but will be free to make your own decisions in any situation. Plus you will not have to pay franchise fees or deal with the limitations of a franchise. You will have the option of using our Speaking Roses ™ logo, which identifies you as an "official licensee", which authorizes you to produce and distribute the Speaking Roses product, in connection with the name of your own business. You will have the freedom to choose whether to use the Speaking Roses logo or not. Whether you become a Speaking Roses graduate who will work from home or plan to combine it with an existing business, such as a florist, or promotional business, this licensing opportunity is unparalleled in the industry.

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