2011 May | The Official Xoom Blog

2011 May | The Official Xoom Blog

2011 May | The Official Xoom Blog

Mother's Day is approaching and many families take the opportunity to celebrate those women who gave us life. In different places in Latin America there are already scheduled events, in others while, although there is no scheduled event we decided to remember their traditions on this day. If you want to thank your mother for everything she has given you, you can do it by giving her something special like a money transfer.

Colombia, Uruguay, Panama and Ecuador In addition to the typical celebrations that the different shopping centers carry out with the purpose of celebrating the mother. In the cities of Bogota, Montevideo, Panama and Guayaquil will perform the well-known race "We Run Nike 5K". In Colombia some 30,000 women have already registered with the Nike 5K jersey.

Gatorade, one of the sponsors of the competition, said: "We are a sponsor who supports the race from another angle, not from the economic issue, but from services. Our interest in this event is the promotion of physical activity and end the myths that prevent women, fearful of calories, hydrate properly "

Ecuador: A concert free in homage to the Mothers in their day, will present Culture Chacao in its program "Art in the street", this Sunday May 8 at 11:00 am, in Plaza Bolivar de Chacao, under the title Sones and boleros with The Seventh Bohemia and his special guest Canelita Medina.

Peru: Franco de Vita will perform in Lima at the Third Festival for Mother's Day where he will share stage with Spanish interpreter Dyango. The show will take place on Saturday, May 7 at the Jockey Club of Peru. Tickets are on sale at Teleticket by Wong and Metro.

Jamaica: In Jamaica, a way to honor our mothers is to give them flowers and gifts that relate to life.

Chile: Masses are generally in honor of mothers, in some parishes, such as the Sacred Heart Parish of Viña del Mar, are named for mothers who wish to be honored by their children. Most families get together at a family lunch, where the mother is the one who pampers herself.

Honduras: Recognized as a very Catholic country, mothers begin their day in the Church. "I have not lived in Tegucigalpa for many years, but I still remember the beautiful religious ceremonies that took place there to celebrate our mothers," said Jenny Chavez, referring to the memories she has of her country on this special day.

Venezuela: It was here that the celebration of Mother's Day in Latin America began, copying it from the United States. The Venezuelan initiative to celebrate a day dedicated to mothers in 1921 was copied in Chile and Mexico, which the following year also celebrated for the first time (with its own motives); then moved to Santo Domingo, Cuba, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Uruguay and Argentina.

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