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If there is pure love, loyal, unconditional and deep, that is the love of mother, do you agree? So, if that love is so strong, and I have no doubt, how about translating it into mother and daughter tattoos to always carry it on your skin? You knew you would love the idea! That's why I looked for some tender and meaningful tattoos for mother and daughter . What would you like more?

# 1 Birds that symbolize mother and daughters

Bird tattoos are super fashionable, but besides that, you can give them a nice meaning. You can tattoo a larger bird and a smaller one together; so united as you and your mother are. Yin and Yang

A friend and her mom decided to tattoo yin and yan because it defines them perfectly. They are polar opposites, but each has one part of the other and always, always are united. You and your mother too? Then this is the tattoo for you.

# 3 Love

The tattoo does not have to illustrate something meaningful, but it must be meaningful to anyone who does, do not you think? How about you both tattoo the word love on the finger that is super IN? Or they can be their names ...

# 4 Mother and daughter

If you prefer a tattoo representing a mother and daughter , this can be the perfect. Do you see how simple but how good a mother's embrace represents? I love it

# 5 Russian dolls

This is another good idea for a mother and daughter tattoo , right? Your mother becomes a bigger one and you a little one, for example.

# 6 Love and Peace

I love this design! And to you?

# 7 Mother nature

A mother and daughter representing nature. I love!

# 8 Fingerprints that form a heart

What do you think of a tattoo of two women, one on your foot and another on the foot of your mother, to speak on a phone of those we made with a cable and a can when we were girls? Very good symbol of union!

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