A small shrub or tree, mostly does not grow more than 15 m. In swampy forests with soils ... Translated to English

A small shrub or tree, most of it does not grow more than 15 m. In marshy forests with peat soils, however, old trees can reach up to 30 m. Aerial roots will develop from the trunk and occasionally can grow to about 2 m, descending perpendicularly and surrounding the trunk. The leaves are narrow, obovate-oblong, about 7-9 cm, alternatingly moving at the tip of the branches. They pointed at the tip and are fleshy and shiny. The leaves are yellowish green with minutely pinked edges and will wither yellow to orange or red. The bark of this tree is warm brown to grayish brown, narrow and deeply striated and cracked. The flowers are about 2.5 cm wide, white with pink borders and have numerous stamens. Fruits are 5-capsules with valve, about 1.5-2 cm long with opening at the base, and are of a deep purple color. This is a versatile plant, which can be found in dry secondary forests and marsh areas. They can grow on rocks in rivers, but only reach 30 cm in height. It grows in a small tree fluvial tidal marsh and will grow much larger in the marsh peat forests. Read more about the Malpighiales order. Read more about the Bonnetiaceae family.

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