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The village in the face

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When I left the village, it made a whopping forty-eight years, and I ran into the Anianus, the Cosarium, under the poplar of Elicio, in front of Aunt Zenona's loft, Dinner, on the way to the Pozal de la Culebra. And the Anianus came to me and said, "Where is the Student going?" And I said, "What do I know! Far". "For time?" He said. And I said, "I do not know." And he said with his helpful docility: "I'm going to the capital. Is something offered? " And I said, "Nothing, thanks Anianus."

As early as the year five, and when I went to the city for the high school, I was ashamed to be a village and the teachers asked me (without first asking if I was a town or a city): "Isidoro, are you? "And I was also mortified that the outsiders would elbow and whisper to each other:" Have you noticed what face Isidore has the village? "Or, simply, to ignore me when they kicked to play a game stilts or Chinese ball and said contemptuously "That's not it; that's the people. " And I was careful to avoid saying, "There in my village" ... or "The day I return to my town", but despite this, the Mole, the professor of Arithmetic and Geometry, told me one afternoon in which I failed to prove that the angles of a triangle are equivalent to two straight ones: "Sit down, you carry the people written in your face."

So, as soon as I could, I left there, to Bilbao, where they said that they were getting free men for the Panama Canal, and that they would then deduct one from the soldier's ticket. But I did not like that, because I was already suffering from the backbone and I was bent badly and I thought it was not made for such rude work, and so I came in, I got my first shinguard and then a porter at the Normal School and later I started to work the Philips radios that left a point of weights without getting dirty the hands.

But the curious thing is that there I did not mortify to have a town and even wanted that anybody asked me something to say to him : "There, in my village, the pigs kill him like that, or asao." Or: "There in my village, men wear striped corduroy and women sayas black, long to the feet" Or: "There , in my town, the soil and water are so calcareous that the chickens suffocate inside the egg without breaking the shell. "Or:" There, in my village, if the swarm is long, it is enough to bring him a scrawl pierced with a branch of executioner to reintegrate him into the hive. "

And empe I realized that being a people was a gift from God and that being a city was a bit like being inclusive and that the treasures and the nest of the stork and the poplars and the creek and the river were always the as the piles of brick and the cement blocks and stone mountains of the city changed every day, and over the years there was not a single witness to the birth of one, for as long as the people remained, the city disintegrated of progress and future prospects.

Old stories of Old Castile (1964)

Complete Works, Vol. 2, Barcelona, ​​Destino, 1966, pp. 373-74).

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