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Sometimes, when I am in the midst of work, in this quiet northern region where I have got to put the material for the project in order, things get suddenly blurry.

The pieces do not fit anymore, the words lack sense, the images seem hopelessly clumsy. I love you, I miss you. For a moment, I feel helpless: the work is too demanding or I am just not made for it.

But then I stop and breathe and think of my companions. All those brave women and men who are right now in their studios and workshops are industriously opening space for their hearts through their music, paintings, poems, dance, ideas, plays, sculptures, photographs, scripts, designs ... They also stumble and lose patience and want to give up now and then, but most of the time they persevere. They do not because they do not have their hearts because they do not have them.

I take comfort in knowing they are out there. And when I am particularly dismayed, I reach out to them. Soon their voices reply from afar, a message arrives, the phone rings. Sometimes, when I'm in the middle of the job, in this gentle northern region where I've come to sort the material. for the project, everything suddenly becomes blurred.

The pieces no longer fit, the words are meaningless, the images are hopelessly awkward. I'm tired, I lose my orientation. Too many hours under the sea can certainly cause stunning.

For a moment, I feel unable: the job is too demanding or maybe I'm not made for it.

It pays me to know that they are there. And when I feel especially dejected, I invoke them. Then their voices begin to respond from afar, a message arrives, the telephone rings. Then I return the work as what it really is: an honor and a gift.

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