BL Travel Guide: A Locals Guide to YOUR TOWN! [Archive] - Page 2 - Bluelight

BL Travel Guide: A Locals Guide to YOUR TOWN! [Archive] - Page 2 - Bluelight

BL Travel Guide: A Locals Guide to YOUR TOWN! [Archive] - Page 2 - Bluelight

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Canada's southermost city, Windsor is located right across from Detroit. As such, it represents a unique blend of American and Canadian culture. Canadians from other cities often describe Windsor as being 'like no other city in the country'. What this means, exactly, I'm not sure.

Windsor Casino is a good place to start.

Windsor is a city of culture, but what it lacks in that department makes it up for booze and girls. Americans flock here to reap the untaxed winnings.

Downtown Windsor's nightlife is what makes this city shine. Although relatively small, downtown Windsor is packed with a wide assortment of bars, clubs, strip clubs and rub and tugs. It's not nicknamed 'Tijuana North' for no reason. Oddly enough we have the most strip clubs per capita out of any country on the planet. If you're American and under 21 and looking to get zombie drunk and see some of the raunchiest strippers around, Windsor should be your destination.

My personal preference for a bar is Papa Cheney's. It is the home of the 'Fishbowl', which is a drink of the size of a small fishbowl. The bartenders there are pretty good, so you can be sure your fishbowl is loaded with liquor. It serves a higher scale crowd, so dress well. Plus there's a great view of the Detroit skyline:

Windsor's also a great place to pick up cuban cigars. Downtown is also a great place to pick up a really mean shawarma.

BARS TO AVOID: Club O (Because it's just a terrible place), Dirty's , The Loop (unless you're into alternative music), The Beach (unless you're into jailbait), Voodoo (Because it's too damn small, they water down the drinks and because it's packed with 'thugged out' drunkass mental defectives)

Despite the morally- absent nightlife, Windsor is a city built on the close feeling of community.

If you are in Southeast Michigan and have a few hours to spare, take the tunnel and stop by Canada's Motor City. / p>

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