Bull & amp; Bush Brewery Puts Dry Hopping in the Hands of the Beer Drinker | Brewbound.com

Bull & amp; Bush Brewery Puts Dry Hopping in the Hands of the Beer Drinker | Brewbound.com

Bull & amp; Bush Brewery Puts Dry Hopping in the Hands of the Beer Drinker | Brewbound.com

The mad scientists at Bull & Bush Brewery is playing with hops.

A process that they are calling Whole Hop Infusion involves steeping hops (and beer) in a French press for up to ten minutes. The whole thing is aimed at giving drinkers the opportunity to see how a single ingredient can affect the subtle nuances of a beer.

Beer fans will recall Dogfish Head doing similar experiments in their "Randall" creation, but the approach Bull & amp; Bush takes for variability based on consumer preference.

Below is the press release which explains Whole Hop Infusion in greater detail. Jonathan Shikes of Westword.com experienced the process first hand and wrote about it in a recent blog entry.

DENVER, CO - The Bull & amp; Bush Pub and Brewery, Colorado's favorite watering hole, today announced Whole Hop Infusion, a process that brings the art and science of dry hopping tableside for the uninitiated to the geekiest of beer geeks. Currently available at the Bull & amp; Bush in Denver, guests can now get a beer, infused in real-time with their hop variety of choice. The Hop Inciter 3000, equivalent to a French press used for steeping coffee, allows drinkers to experiment with how beer's most popular ingredient affects the characteristics of the beer.

Guests of the Bull & amp; Bush can pick any house beer then choose from various hop varieties offered on the infusion menu. The ingredients are combined in the Hop Inciter 3000 and the customer decides how long to wait before pouring the beer and tasting the custom infusion.

Allowing the beers to hop steep for just a few minutes will add a significant shift to the original flavor of the beer. Hard core hop fans can wait longer and dial up a palate crushing punch, especially if they start with a beer that already has a high hop quotient, such as the Bull & Bush Man Beer, an award-winning English style IPA.

The Whole Hop Infusion experience is currently only available at the Bull & Bush, but the hop heads at the brewery plan to eventually roll it out to other locations carrying Bull & Bush beers. In February, Denver's Table 6 will begin offering Whole Hop Infusions to customers. Bull & amp; Bush is the exclusive beer on tap at the local favorite American bistro.

"We've had a long standing partnership with the beer artists from the Bull & Bush, we have a similar passion for bringing our customers unique experiences, "said Aaron Forman, Head Dishwasher and co-owner of Table 6." Whole Hop Infusion is another innovative and interactive offering for our guests. "

Bull & amp; Bush is currently offering five hop varieties including Cascade, Chinook, Crystal, Nugget and Northern Brewer, soon. The hops are grown locally in Colorado by the hop wranglers at Jack Rabbit Hill farm, the Demeter-certified biodynamic farm that is also home to the Jack Rabbit Hill Estate Winery and Peak Spirits farm distillery.

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