Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are incredibly popular among the female audience. The most known are diurnal, but most of the species of this insect are nocturnal, such as moths. The caterpillar is the form they adopt in a larval state, which feeds exclusively on plants. Although it has a short life, they are surprising the transformations that suffers in a relatively limited space of time: of the egg happens to the larva, of the larva after feeding of plants to the chrysalis and from there to the adult state, in a process known as metamorphosis .

As a result, butterflies are often associated with rebirth and resurrection. In the Catholic religion, it symbolizes how Christ rose from the dead and his subsequent ascension to heaven. Butterflies are also symbols of love and spirituality. The Greek word for the butterfly is psyche, like the goddess Psyche, the goddess of the soul. According to the legends of Roman and Greek mythologies, he fell in love and married Eros, the Greek god of love, desire and affection. Eros is best known by its Roman name, Cupid.

Meaning of Butterflies Tattoos

Butterflies tattoos are placed on several points in the body, the most popular being the top of the arm, back and foot, are presented in a variety of colors, the most popular being pink, blue and black. In Asian culture, seeing a black butterfly is an omen of the imminent or recent death of a loved one. Butterflies symbolize a wealth of qualities and characteristics, including: Resurrection and Revival Spirituality and Soul

-Connection with nature and natural elements

Types of butterfly tattoos

This type of tattoo can be combined with numerous elements to give them originality and variety to the design

Butterfly tattoos blend well with tribal elements, especially in the lower back, due to the symmetrical physical characteristics of these winged insects. Tribal butterfly tattoos are often black, or a combination of color butterfly with black tribal swirls.

Celtic butterfly tattoos are closely related to the spiritual world and paganism, and are a strong point of connection with the natural elements and the Irish culture.

This tattoo design is a great way to give a gothic touch to this feminine symbol. The butterfly is usually done in dark colors, this design usually represents the loss of innocence and freedom.

It is a species native to Australia and protected by legal hunting law. They do not have any symbology associated with their image like other species of butterflies, so people who often incorporate this butterfly into their tattoo design do so because it is a species that has a very striking color and shape.

p> Monarch Butterfly Tattoos

Of all butterfly species, this is undoubtedly the most popular. In Mexico, the migration of monarch butterflies coincides with the day of the dead that is celebrated on November 1, so there is a belief that they represent the spirits of the deceased who return for this festivity where they are honored with celebrations and offerings .

Dragonfly and butterfly tattoo

Dragonflies are creatures of both air and water. The air represents the concepts of transformation and freedom while water is an element that symbolizes the state of the subconscious and meditation. As the butterfly represents the concepts of freedom and prosperity, a tattoo design that includes both insects will symbolize the inner peace we all long for.

Butterfly and tiger

Butterfly eyes

The eyes are the mirror of the soul in a multitude of myths and cultures. Usually, people who wear these designs tattooed are experiencing a huge change in their lives that has led them to reflect and reevaluate their goals, for example, a person trying to overcome an addiction. In a way, the user is in the process of transformation, like the butterfly.

Famous with butterfly tattoos

Here is a list of famous butterfly tattoos:

-Maria Carey: There is a butterfly in the lower back area.

-Drew Barrymore has one in her abdomen, just below her navel. -Paris Hilton: has a small butterfly tattoo on her back.

-Kelis: She has one in her stomach.

-Dolly Parton:

-Holly Marie Spears: She has one on her left foot.

-Holly Marie Combs: has a butterfly on the inside of his right wrist.

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