Desperate Ducks

Desperate Ducks

Desperate Ducks

"Ducks are anatomically and behaviorally adapted to aquatic life. The mesh wire floor ... does not give the webbed feet of the ducks the support or cushion they need. (...) And what is more important ... getting stuck is a common and damaging result. (...) If they are not in a position to escape, they may die from worsening injuries or dehydration. "

Sara Shields

"" [The ducks] suffer pain by unnecessary procedures such as peak cutting; suffer from untreated injuries and diseases derived from inappropriate environment and neglectful management; are unable to express many of the most elementary normal behaviors of ducks due to the permanent deprivation of water; and endure considerable fear and anguish in the process of sacrifice. "

Debra Teachout

"I was very alarmed to see the serious neglect and cruelty inflicted on the ducks in this plant. Without any care, newborn ducks are thrown into containers. Ducks are kept on metal mesh surfaces, which are inherently inadequate as their beaks or feet are often trapped in metal meshes. (...) I was horrified to see these anguished ducks, flapping their wings frantically, languishing, without proper care. "

Armaiti May

"Peaks of young ducks are burned with a cauterizer, without any pain control. Because duck beaks are richly innervated to the point, this procedure causes severe pain and causes chronic pain for up to 2 weeks ... Several ducks had injuries to the feet and legs. It is known that keeping them on wire, as shown in this video, causes pain and wounds on the legs and feet of the birds. "

Lee Schrader

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