DJI Mavic Pro - Accessories for the Great Drone Foldable

Pilots have been very excited this fall for a good reason: launching the DIJ Mavic Pro. Its accessories have allowed drone fans to enjoy all they were able to do with the Phantom 4 but surprisingly, on a small scale.

Although small, it is very powerful: there are 24 delicately created and programmed cores within this cautious machine, and four vision sensors.

We want to highlight some of the best accessories you can connect to this amazing machine that will give you better ease of use, a much faster programming time, and long-term fun along with some of the best gadgets that exist. p> Since the holidays are near, those looking for DJI accessories will multiply quickly like the ones that, in summer, were driven crazy by the Pokemon-mania. We think bringing your gadget to the air and inspecting the area is much better!

Here are our favorite accessories that are already available for this great folding Drone; just in time to brighten up the flight experience of someone who has already purchased the standard DJI Mavic Pro package.

accessories we found was this shoulder bag for the DJI Mavic Pro; is a great way to get out of the house quickly and be fully prepared to fly. With this you can take the aircraft, the control, four batteries, a smart phone, and small accessories such as cables.

Simple and modern look, this is the perfect way to get the Mavic to your next session , whether you are on an airplane, train, or in your personal vehicle. This is just an amazing way to pack and prepare; and should feel immediately at home with your products.

Mavic Pro DJI glasses

There are two 1080p panels inside the glasses, and they offer a field of view of 85 degrees. The Mavic has the option of attaching two pairs of glasses to the same folding drone, so you can duplicate the fun, and having a first-person front view of what is happening is simply captivating.

We are very confident which will soon be available and will be one of the coolest accessories to have under the tree.

Stabilizing Cover

Having a stabilizing cover like this will help protect the folding drone against shocks, dust and water during the flight. It is safe to fly the Mavic without this, but having one at hand will give you peace of mind if you have a sudden accident, since you will not be without any level of protection.

To a certain extent, the stabilizer protects the camera, but having this will give you peace of mind during the flight and some success in hunting drone accessories in 2017.

Having surplus parts and add-ons is a must, and this is something that could save you from certain types of disaster.

DJI Mavic Pro Charger

While you're on your way to your next location, having a car charger like this in your arsenal of DJI accessories would be a great boost to do your favorite activity: it works just like any other, using the cigarette lighter in the vehicle, and comes with a low voltage protection that ensures that the car battery never runs out of sufficient power to start up.

This has a charging time of about 54 minutes, and will be a perfect addition to the goods you're putting together for use with your new Mavic. Sometimes you can have a fellow pilot or customer call you and need you to be immediately somewhere, and having an extra load will always help.

Professional Filters for DJI Mavic Pro

Polarizing filters (CP and PL) will help reduce glare and increase color saturation, while Neutral Density (ND) filters will reduce the shutter speed, giving you a smoother finished product within the scope of video.

This package comes with a lifetime warranty, and HD glass filters are known for their good quality.

Improving polarization on cloudy days, and generally helping with any lighting condition, this accessory package is potentially one of the most cost-effective things you can buy for your new DJI Mavic Pro.

Mavic Pro Battery Charging Port

One important thing that should not be overlooked in your list of DJI accessories is this charging port for batteries. When you have free time and you're not flying over your favorite terrain, this device can help you charge up to four smart flight batteries.

The charger looks for the battery with the highest level of charge and then starts with that before going with the others. You'll definitely get tired of just charging one battery at a time after trying how heaven feels with the DJI Mavic Pro, so do not forget to buy this to make your life easier.

Mavic Pro DJI propellers

Although the Mavic Pro is packed with features that make navigation much better, such as landing, and staying stable in the air, you may unfortunately have you can lose a propeller or two.

The price of each propeller is a bargain for any drone fan, and will ensure that you have some spare parts in your bag if you experience wind, obstacles , or you have difficulty during the initial stages of learning to land.

If you are the most cautious to travel and do not like to carry a backpack on your shoulders, the best thing is this case with the perfect spaces and the ideal care to protect all the elements of your DJI Mavic Pro. > Combo Mavic Pro

When you're enjoying your new Mavic Pro, you're going to need memory cards to do the job of storage, and you'll need others on which you depend entirely, such as an Intelligent Flight Battery , a Micro USB cable or a Micro USB cable for remote control.

You can get a COMBO that turns the sky into your creative canvas and, without worry, helps you to make every moment, you'll always want the whole game, to make sure you can capture all the memories or maps of your trip.

Here we leave you a video of this DJI Mavic Pro folding drone.

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