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I wanted to translate another fanfiction, a one shot, one of the things I do not read much, but this is worth it and I already have it among my favorite fanfiction. Many thanks to "Bad Horse" for allowing me to translate their fanfiction.

A white light appeared on the top of the hill, peeking out and stretching for a few moments before it transformed into a small cone of light whose end pointed eastward. Its brightness began to increase, until a nebulous golden aura took it to the horizon, illuminating with small glimmers, of the type so weak that it disappears if they are looked at directly.

The stars began to fade one by one . Then the first color returned, a deep blue filling the black horizon of the night. By the time the birds had begun to chirp, the pre-dawn showed in a pale pink the edges of the shape of a unicorn beneath a glowing horn. Any inhabitant of Equestria would have realized that it was a alicorn, and that alicorn was, well before there was enough light to see the wings contracted in the back of the figure.

Dark lines began to rise over the horizon in slow waves: a deep purple, green water, amber, and finally a brown rose. Then a golden spot appeared in front of them surrounded by a red glow.

The alicorn looked at that point, but kept looking at that figure who was still sleeping on grass near his paws. You should have been standing very close to realize that, this one too, it was an alicorn; that its colors, after taking into account the red glow that was, was probably closer to a purple than a night blue; and that its sides, glistening with the dew, rose and fell in the slow and steady rhythm of the dream.

Celestia smiled when she looked at the yellow disc, still small and weak. But he smiled even more when he looked down and saw Twilight, who was snoring slightly. His mouth open; the breath rises from it, tarnishing the cold air. The reddish-golden light reaching her fur, making her shine like waves of sparks every time her chest rises and falls.

Celestia bent down and stretched her neck towards Twilight, looking from side to side between her and the horizon, and looking critically at the tonalities reflected in her, as if the only purpose of that morning was to illuminate this single figure. The dew began to evaporate from the hair of Twilight, and began to turn its neck and to complain in its dreams. The light slid smoothly over her back, testing blue, gold, and red on it, before she remained in a bright lavender color. She turned to one side, away from the light, but it was unchanging and she kept drowning her with a gentler touch than any lover, while Celestia looked at her.

Twilight stammered something and turned to face her. light. His legs, which he had shrunk during the course of the night, stretched free again, opening his chest to the wind and light. Her brows calmed, softening her lashes. The warm rays of the sun made her smile. Finally her eyelids slowly opened, the eyes beneath them were drowsy and unfocused. The Princess of the Sun looked into those eyes and began to sing:

Blue from the bottom of the ocean of dreams,

the eye of the storm

Red by the river that moves within you,

Golden by the horns that blow.

Gone are the dusty coffees of past regrets,

Starlight has cleansed them,

Dreams of the dissipated storm of yesterday,

They redefine themselves in the colors of the morning.

, Twilight turned to look at her smiling. "I remember that song," she said. "I wish you would sing more often."

"A princess can sing, Twilight, but a ruler should not." If so, all the ponies would ask her to sing only to praise her, everyone would be very busy acting as if they liked it, to continue enjoying it, and no work would be done. "

" But why did you sing here, now? "Celestia smiled. "To prevent you jumping up apologetically, because you fell asleep during dawn, the moment you woke up."

Twilight jumped to his feet, stumbling a couple of times before all the different parts of his body were fully awake, and that they realized what they had been asked to do. "Oh-no, oh-no, I fell asleep during dawn! Sorry, sorry, I'll get up much earlier tomorrow -" Celestia laughed. "Twilight, there are early ponies, and night ponies, and I've known for a long time what kind of pony you are, it's in your name for the love of God." (Twilight = Twilight, "** Twilight ** actually refers to any light produced only by the dispersion of the atmosphere -"

"Yes, yes, anyway, I wanted you to feel it, not to study it "Princess, I should not have done that for me."

"Well, Princess , maybe other ponies in Equestria will appreciate the day then. "

Twilight stood next to her. They were standing on a small mound. In front of them, the sun rising over a row of trees, large oaks and spruce with dark shrubs clustered around them. A river reaching to those trees to its left, coming from the Mountains of Canterlot. There was nothing exotic or dramatic about this scene, and that may be why Celestia, a ruler who led her royal chef into despair by asking her for peas without raw salt and carrot, has chosen it.

"You're probably wondering why I asked you to spend the night out here," Celestia said.

"I was not," Twilight said. "But now I am."

Celestia paused to pucker her lips, and tapped the grass beneath her with her front paws. "I wanted you to wake up with the sunrise."

Twilight frowned seriously, pondering this information. Then he cleared his mind. "Well," she said. "More specifically," Celestia added, "I wanted to see you wake up at dawn."

"Yes, it was ... very sweet."

Twilight twitched her ears nervously and her cheekbones turned from lavender to a deep purple, while she waited for Celestia to say something else. Celestia just looked at the sun.

"That ... was it all?" "No," Celestia said, "no, in fact, I wanted to ask you something. Something I've never asked anyone before." She still did not look Twilight in the eye, and her face was, incredibly, turning to a pale pink.

Twilight looked straight ahead, and stood very still for a long time, like a rabbit

"I'm sure that's a good question then," said Twilight somewhat hesitantly.

"It's a bit self-fulfilling. . "

"You can ask me whatever you want," Twilight said with a smile.

Celestia opened her mouth to speak, but then closed it and sighed. Finally, he took a good breath, and looked straight at Twilight, his eyes shining.

"How do you feel?"

If you want to know more about the author, look for it in page Fimfiction, all the fanfiction there are in English, so if you know I recommend you go take a look.

I hope you liked it as much as I did. order to clarify doubts, Celestia's question refers to what it feels like to wake up with the sunrise. For it is impossible for her to feel it.

Celestia T_T

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